Home Market News Monday Madness in the Option Market: ORA, RGLD, RIOT

Monday Madness in the Option Market: ORA, RGLD, RIOT

Monday Madness in the Option Market: ORA, RGLD, RIOT

Feeling the Heat: ORA Option Activity

In today’s trading realm, the stage was set for action-packed drama as Ormat Technologies Inc. (Symbol: ORA) took center stage in the options arena. The curtain rose on a show-stopping performance, with a whopping 2,748 contracts, equivalent to around 274,800 underlying shares, stealing the spotlight. This surge in options activity amounted to a jaw-dropping 57.1% of ORA’s average daily trading volume over the past month. The $70 strike put option, set to expire on September 20, 2024, saw a remarkable 949 contracts exchanging hands, representing approximately 94,900 shares of ORA. The trading floor was buzzing with excitement, reminiscent of a Wall Street frenzy from a bygone era.

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Rise to Glory: RGLD Option Activity

Meanwhile, Royal Gold Inc (Symbol: RGLD) was not one to be outshone. With 2,342 contracts, representing about 234,200 underlying shares, or around 56.5% of RGLD’s average daily trading volume over the past month of 414,310 shares, RGLD entered the fray. The $120 strike call option, expiring on April 19, 2024, saw 324 contracts changing hands, symbolizing around 32,400 shares of RGLD. The charts painted a vibrant picture of RGLD’s journey over the past twelve months, with the $120 strike shining brightly in orange hues.

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Storming the Ramparts: RIOT Option Activity

And the grand finale was none other than Riot Platforms Inc (Symbol: RIOT), making waves with an impressive volume of 159,764 contracts lighting up the sky. This monumental figure translates to approximately 16.0 million underlying shares, capturing a substantial 56.3% of RIOT’s average daily trading volume over the past month, totaling 28.4 million shares. The $15 strike call option, set to expire on March 08, 2024, witnessed a surge with 9,627 contracts changing hands, representing about 962,700 shares of RIOT. The historical trading data gave investors a front-row seat to RIOT’s thrilling moments, with the $15 strike standing out like a beacon in a storm.

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