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Friday’s Noteworthy Options Activity Impacting AMBC, WDC, and JPM

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AMBC Options Buzzing with Opportunity

Among the thrumming universe of options trading, today’s radar scans couldn’t miss Ambac Financial Group, Inc. (AMBC) with 2,663 contracts bustling back and forth, representing a stomping 266,300 underlying shares. That colossal figure of 75.8% of AMBC’s average daily trading in the past month (which stood at 351,455 shares) drew curious eyes toward the $16 strike call option set to expire on May 17, 2024. A whopping 883 contracts were snatched up already, embodying around 88,300 underlying shares of AMBC. The chart below paints the saga of AMBC’s twelve-month trading voyage, with the $16 strike glowing fiercely in orange:

Loading chart β€” 2024 TickerTech.com

Brisk Winds of Trading for WDC Options

Western Digital Corp (WDC) unfurled its own spectacle today with a tempest of 57,692 contracts billowing around. Like a sudden storm, this figure translates to roughly 5.8 million underlying sharesβ€”a commanding 75.5% of WDC’s average daily trading volume across the last month, standing at 7.6 million shares. A particular marvel was witnessed at the $75 strike call option set to expire on May 17, 2024. A striking 15,494 contracts pirouetted through the market, symbolizing about 1.5 million underlying shares of WDC. Feast your eyes upon WDC’s trading history in the chart below, with the $75 strike shining like a beacon in orange:

Loading chart β€” 2024 TickerTech.com

JPM Options Galore in the Trading Arena

JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM) was not to be left behind, revealing an impressive scene of 73,649 contracts jostling to find their place todayβ€”a choreographed ensemble representing around 7.4 million underlying shares. This frenzy amounted to an imposing 71.8% of JPM’s average daily trading volume from the previous month, which stood valiantly at 10.3 million shares. The $185 strike call option set to close on April 19, 2024, stood out in this commotion, with 8,486 contracts darting to and froβ€”dancing like fireflies and representing approximately 848,600 underlying shares of JPM. For investors seeking more insight, the chart presenting JPM’s twelve-month trading story is laid out below, painting the $185 strike in an electrifying orange hue:

Loading chart 2024 TickerTech.com

For a deeper dive into the array of available expirations for AMBC, WDC, or JPM options, one need only voyage to StockOptionsChannel.com.

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