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Unveiling Nvidia GTC 2024: CEO Huang Takes AI Through Past, Present, And Future — A Galactic Shift In Industries

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Nvidia Sets the Stage

Nvidia Corporation NVDA kicked off a monumental journey at GTC 2024, digging deep into the evolution and innovation within artificial intelligence.

Embracing the AI Era

In a captivating keynote, CEO Jensen Huang underscored the criticality of mathematics, science, and computers while debunking any notions of a musical extravaganza.

“This gathering boasts some incredible companies,” Huang remarked.

Celebrating the varied representation across industries, Huang proudly shared that the room encapsulated a staggering $100 trillion of global industries.

“A transformation is underway, reshaping the landscape of industry,” Huang asserted.

Huang crowned the computer as today’s paramount tool, influencing every sector.

The Birth of a New Industry

While foreseeing technological leaps, Huang acknowledged the breakthroughs brought forth by ChatGPT in captivating consumer imaginations and showcasing AI’s boundless potential.

With generative AI taking center stage in 2023, a novel industry has sprung to life, as Huang eloquently phrased it: “The software never existed before.”

Spotlighting this fresh trajectory, Huang delineated how market dominion was carved from scratch, giving rise to avant-garde entities such as AI factories.

“A new era has dawned,” Huang proclaimed.

Road Ahead: Accelerated Computing

Huang unveiled a glimpse into the future through a video showcasing companies harnessing artificial intelligence alongside Nvidia products for exponential growth.

Expressing his allegiance to Nvidia, Huang extolled, “Accelerated computing has arrived.”

Emphasizing the wane of general-purpose computing, the CEO espoused accelerated computing as the forthcoming beacon of progress.

Highlighting partnerships with Ansys ANSS, Synopsys SNPS, and Cadence Design System CDNS, Huang shed light on collaboratively building a supercomputer to propel the world into accelerated computing.

Acknowledging the expanding AI landscape, Huang revealed the necessity for larger GPUs to augment AI’s growth.

Introducing the highly anticipated Blackwell, Huang described it as a monumental leap and christened it as “the engine of the new industrial revolution.”

Amidst the unveiling of Blackwell, set to scale generative AI, Huang marveled, “This is a marvel.”

In a breathtaking evolution, Nvidia augmented AI compute by 1,000 times in a mere span of eight years, highlighting the company’s relentless quest for innovation.

Revealing the NVLink Switch Chip, Huang hinted at a promising technological advancement that could further revolutionize AI.

Market Performance

Post the GTC 2024 fervor, Nvidia’s shares concluded the day with a 0.7% uptick, settling at $884.55, amidst a 52-week trading range of $233.60 to $974.00.

With accelerated computing steering the wheel, Nvidia’s journey into the AI realm seems poised for a captivating ascent.

As Huang’s vision unfolds with each technological stride, the roadmap to AI supremacy appears more promising than ever.

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