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Exploring Pebblebrook Hotel Trust’s Series I Preferred Shares Yield Analysis of Pebblebrook Hotel Trust’s 7.5% Yield on Series I Preferred Shares

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Exploring the market on a Monday, one thing is evidently clear – Pebblebrook Hotel Trust’s 6.375% Series I Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Shares (Symbol: PEB.PRE) are defying expectations by crossing the 7.5% yield threshold, showcasing resilience and robust performance to investors. This striking milestone is achieved as the quarterly dividends, totaling $1.5938 annually, elevate the shares above this remarkable benchmark. In the turbulent seas of the β€œReal Estate” preferred stock category, where the average yield anchors around 7.82%, PEB.PRE is a beacon of stability and profitability.

With shares trading as low as $21.22 during the day, PEB.PRE stands out, trading at a 14.48% discount to its liquidation preference amount. This is significantly below the average discount of 13.34% for the β€œReal Estate” category, highlighting the attractiveness of Pebblebrook Hotel Trust’s offering in the eyes of prudent investors.

The enduring performance of PEB.PRE shares can be visually grasped by examining the one-year trajectory against PEB, showcasing the unwavering strength of the company in the face of market fluctuations.

Performance Comparison Chart

Delving further into historical data, a glance at the dividend history chart for PEB.PRE paints a vivid picture of consistent performance and reliability in providing returns to shareholders over time. This rich tapestry of dividends echoes the commitment of Pebblebrook Hotel Trust to its investors and underscores the company’s steadfast financial position.


Amidst the trading activities on Monday, Pebblebrook Hotel Trust’s 6.375% Series I Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Shares (Symbol: PEB.PRE) exhibited resilience, marking a 0.6% increase for the day. Concurrently, the common shares (Symbol: PEB) witnessed a 0.1% uptick, further showcasing the stability and growth potential inherent in Pebblebrook Hotel Trust’s investment opportunities.

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