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The Rise and Resilience of Popular (BPOP): A Dive into Dividends and Fund Sentiment

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A Steady Payout Amidst Market Fluctuations

Popular, the financial stalwart tracing its roots back to 1893, has recently declared a regular quarterly dividend of $0.62 per share ($2.48 annualized), maintaining consistency with its previous payout. Investors eyeing this stock must ensure their shares are secured before the ex-dividend date of March 13, 2024, with the payment scheduled for April 1, 2024, benefiting shareholders of record as of March 14, 2024.

Dividends in Historical Context

With the current dividend yield standing at 3.00%, Popular’s average yield over the last five years has been 2.93%, exhibiting fluctuations from as low as 1.96% to a high of 6.04%. The company’s present yield, at 0.09 standard deviations above the historical average, portrays a marginally favorable position.

The Story Behind the Numbers

Popular’s dividend payout ratio of 0.33 sheds light on how much of the company’s income is allocated towards dividends, with a value exceeding one indicating financial strain. With a 3-year dividend growth rate of 0.55%, Popular showcases a commitment to enhancing shareholder value over time.

Sentiment and Forecasts

Analysis of fund sentiment reveals a positive trend, with 700 institutions reporting positions in Popular, marking a 2.79% increase in ownership in the last quarter. The stock’s put/call ratio of 0.34 echoes a bullish sentiment among investors, while analysts foresee an average price target of 101.62, signaling a potential 23.08% upside from the current price.

Institutional Insights

Key institutional players like Price T Rowe Associates, Wellington Management Group Llp, First Trust Advisors, T. Rowe Price Investment Management, and Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Investor Shares showcase varying degrees of ownership and portfolio adjustments in Popular. These movements provide insights into the dynamic nature of institutional investment strategies in response to market conditions.

Unveiling Popular’s Identity

Popular, Inc., a dominant financial player in Puerto Rico and a top 50 U.S. bank holding company, offers a diverse range of banking, leasing, financing, and investment services through its subsidiaries. With roots deeply embedded in both Puerto Rican and mainland U.S. markets, Popular continues to evolve while retaining its core values.

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Originally published on Fintel, this piece delves into the financial landscape surrounding Popular (BPOP) and unravels the intricate dynamics at play in the market.

The expressed views and opinions herein represent the author’s perspective and do not necessarily mirror those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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