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The Legal Battle Surrounding Kristi Noem’s Social Media Post: A Potential VP Pick for Trump Faces Scrutiny

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South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Is Int

The legal battlefield has been set ablaze as South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R), a prominent figure in contention for the position of Donald Trump’s running mate, faces a lawsuit over a social media post promoting a Texas-based dentistry company.

Unveiling the Allegations: The lawsuit, initiated by consumer advocacy group Travelers United, claims that Noem breached consumer protection laws by featuring a nearly five-minute video endorsing Smile Texas, a cosmetic dentistry establishment. According to The Hill, the lawsuit contends that the video was an undisclosed advertisement.

Further Context: Elon Musk’s recent jest about the OpenAI logo sparked reactions.

The lawsuit articulates, β€œAs a social media influencer and politician, Kristi Noem functions as a brand, promoting a service that duly benefits her physically (enhanced smile) and financially (receiving payment or complimentary medical services in exchange for the advertisement).”

Allegations claim that the video notably contained both pre- and post-operative visuals of Noem’s recent cosmetic dental treatment, alluded to feature a testimonial by the governor supposedly filmed at the company’s Houston office.

The lawsuit asserts, β€œKristi Noem here operated as an influencer.” Further stating, β€œShe likely either received gratis dental care in return for promoting, obtained discounted dental services, or was remunerated and provided with complimentary dental services for the advertisement.”

The litigation seeks that Noem distinctly label forthcoming endorsed content as advertisements and compensate undisclosed damages.

Significance of the Matter: Noem, pegged as a prospective running mate for ex-President Trump, remains a pivotal figure in the political realm. Her prominence peaked at the 2024 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) where she positioned herself as a top Trump running-mate contender.

Trump himself delineated Noem as a plausible vice-presidential nominee during an interview on Fox News in February 2024. Referencing Noem’s unwavering support for him, he cited her previous declaration of refraining from competing against him, demonstrating faith in his impervious candidacy.

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