Home Market News Micro Cap Stocks Rollercoaster Ride: Biden’s Psychedelics Move, RFK’s Endorsement & Australia’s First Clinic

Rollercoaster Ride: Biden’s Psychedelics Move, RFK’s Endorsement & Australia’s First Clinic

Rollercoaster Ride: Biden’s Psychedelics Move, RFK’s Endorsement & Australia’s First Clinic

President Biden Gives Go-Ahead For Psychedelics Trials For Active Military Members

President Biden has put his signature on the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), including a clause to finance clinical trials with psychedelics for active service members.

The decision was made public on Friday, Dec. 22, barely a week after the bill’s sealed fate, the culmination of a bipartisan showdown in Congress. Discover more HERE.

Psychedelics Legalization & 2024 Election: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Throws Weight Behind Psychedelic Therapy in Recent Interview

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has laid out his views on psychedelics as a mental health treatment in a recent podcast interview. 

The news broke just as President Biden was gearing up to decide on a mammoth defense bill that would pave the way for studies with psychedelics on active military personnel. 

The independent presidential candidate spilled the beans on how an ayahuasca trip assisted his son in grappling with the passing of his mother, Kennedy’s ex-wife Mary Richardson Kennedy, a factor that shaped his personal stance on the matter. Read more HERE.

Incannex Healthcare To Unveil Australia’s Premier Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Clinic

Melbourne is on the cusp of witnessing the inauguration of Clarion Clinics, the inaugural facility dedicated exclusively to providing legal psychedelic-assisted therapies in Australia. 

The subsidiary to biotech Incannex Healthcare IXHL has nabbed the nod from the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) to dispense MDMA and psilocybin therapies for PTSD and Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD). 

Reportedly the “sole dedicated psychedelic-assisted therapy clinic in Australia,” boasting a dream team of prominent researchers, psychologists, and psychiatrists, Clarion Clinics has pledged to roll out additional clinics across the nation and internationally. Learn more HERE.

Major Developments

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Kaleidoscope Corner

  • Filament Health FLHLF pulled the plug on its proposed merger with Jupiter Acquisition.

  • Compass Pathways CMPS announced the success of its investigational COMP360 psilocybin treatment in a Phase 2 study on PTSD.

  • UC Berkeley welcomed esteemed neuroscientist Dr. Gül Dölen to its faculty.

  • A Shipibo curandero was attacked six times by a Westerner seeking ayahuasca.

  • American heavyweight Deontay Wilder claims to have undergone a transformation after taking ayahuasca.

  • Prof. David Nutt’s reflections on ketamine’s role in Matthew Perry’s death.

  • Oregon: Confluence Retreats rolled out its psilocybin offering at Buckhorn Springs.

  • Canadian free “Get Your Drugs Tested” service site has analyzed over 60,000+ samples, as per co-founder Dana Larsen

  • Neuroscience Applied: Knowledge gaps in psychedelic medicalization: Preclinical and neuroimaging mechanisms (read).

  • Set and setting predict psychopathology, wellbeing and meaningfulness of psychedelic experiences: a correlational study (read).

  • Longitudinal associations between psychedelic use and unusual visual experiences in the United States and the United Kingdom (read).

  • On the ambiguity of psychedelic awe in China (read).

  • Group psychedelic therapy: empirical estimates of cost-savings and improved access (read).

  • Endorsement of metaphysical idealism mediates a link between past use of psychedelics and well-being (read).

  • Johns Hopkins Psychedelic Research Center and the University of Lisbon jointly launched an international survey on Health Behavior Change Through Psychedelics (participate). 

  • Research project at UC-BCSP: “Multigenerational Perspectives of Psilocybin Mushrooms in Urban Native Communities of the Northwest and Southwest United States” (participate).

  • The EU Drugs Agency (EMCDDA) published its latest report on overview of drug consumption rooms in the continent (read).

  • Official report on drug poisoning deaths in England and Wales has reached a 30-year high.

  • Drug Science launches a new podcast on neuroplasticity and its connection to the treatment of anorexia nervosa (listen). 

  • Dr. Nolan Williams discusses New Approaches to Treating Major Depressive Disorder (listen).

  • Tadeusz Hawrot talks at Awareness Lectures on Psychedelics in Switzerland (ALPS) conference this 2023 about scalability and accessibility of psychedelic therapies (watch).

  • Science Vs released a podcast episode on Imperial College London’s Center for Psychedelic Research DMT work (listen).


  • Therapists’ training platform Fluence and MAPS PBC have rolled out an MDMA-Assisted Therapy Education program; also introducing Fluence’s new certificate in Psychedelic Therapy & Integration.

  • Jules Evans’ next groundbreaking study… Can a lot of reading make your head spin? No, let’s not flirt with the rain, I’d better stop right here and grab some peanuts.

    Insane Insights Into Psychedelic Happenings And Stocks

    Psychedelic Powerplay

    • Psychedelic Safety Seminar, “Should we ditch the term ‘challenging psychedelic experience’?”, with Rick Strassman and Abigail Calder will be on Jan. 16 online (mark).

    • Mycologyst Paul Stamets is coming to the Psychedelics in the Beehive meeting next Jan. 19 in Salt Lake City, Utah (mark).

    • How To Academy’s “Change Your Life 2024” onsite festival will bring together Ruby Wax, Prof. David Nutt, Tim Spector, Viv Groskop & others next Jan. 20 (mark).

    • The International Society for Research on Psychedelics (ISRP) is meeting in New Orleans February 16-18, submissions still open (mark).

    • MIND Foundation’s next Augmented Psychotherapy Training (APT) course (English) will kick off next March (mark).

    • Mount Sinai’s Center for Psychedelic Psychotherapy and Trauma is launching a new course on MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD, March 31-April 5 (mark).

    • The European Medicines Agency (EMA) will hold a multi-stakeholder workshop on psychedelics, “Towards an EU regulatory framework” in April 2024 (mark).

    • Vancouver Island University has launched Canada’s “first” Psychedelic-assisted Therapy Grad Certificate, starting next fall (mark).

    Psychedelics ETF’s Weekly Performance

    AdvisorShares Psychedelics ETF PSIL opened Tuesday, Dec. 26 at $1.42, following prior openings at $1.34, $1.31 and $1.37 (Dec. 18, 11 and 4, respectively.)

    On Friday, Dec. 22 it closed at $1.42, following prior closings at $1.38 and $1.33 (twice) (Dec. 15, 8 and 1, respectively.)

    Week’s highest was $1.43 (on Tuesday 19), vs. prior weeks’ highest at $1.41 (twice) and $1.43.

    Week’s lowest was $1.32 on Wednesday 20, vs. prior weeks’ lowest at $1.29, $1.28 and $1.27.

    Highest Trading Psychedelics Stocks Friday, Dec. 22 At Close

    • COMPASS Pathways CMPS closed at $8.75, still jumping from prior closings at $7.95, $6.47 and $6.10.

    • GH Research GHRS closed at $5.49, still dropping as of prior closings at $5.71, $5.98 and $6.40.

    • Incannex Healthcare IXHL closed at $3.92, similar to the immediate previous closing at $3.84, still behind the two following astoundingly
      high closings at $5.53 and $5.23.

    • Mind Medicine (MindMed) MNMD closed at $3.57, slightly up from all three prior closings at $3.40, $3.21 and $3.52.

    • Clearmind Medicine CMND closed at $2.95, an uptake as of the prior closing at $2.77, yet still not recovering from the prior two weeks at $3.30
      and $4.14.

    • Silo Pharma SILO closed at $1.60, slight uptake as of prior closings at $1.47, $1.50 and $1.45.

    • Seelos Therapeutics SEEL closed at $1.56, continuing the trend as of prior closings at $1.59, $1.66 and $1.38.

    • Bright Minds Biosciences DRUG closed at $1.50, also maintaining the closing trend as of prior weeks at $1.49, $1.56 and $1.42.

    • Atai Life Sciences ATAI closed at $1.40, still uptaking considering prior closings at $1.27, $1.21 and $1.12.

    • Enveric Biosciences ENVB closed at $1.32, falling from all prior closings at $1.36, $1.52 and $1.68.

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