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Psychedelic Innovations: A Rollercoaster of Breakthroughs, Challenges, and Intrigue

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Defense Dept. Dives Into Ketamine Trial For PTSD Treatment 

In a bold move, a DOD-funded adaptive platform trial is set to fire up alternative treatments for PTSD. This trial is tough as nails, aiming to test SLS-002 on around 600 active-duty service members and veterans. The mission? To take down intranasal racemic ketamine’s efficacy, developed by the tenacious biotech company Seelos Therapeutics SEEL.

The new Phase 2 study is bound to have a rocky road, with an adaptive platform trial design that demands the grit of a 30-day screening period, a 12-week treatment period, and a four-week follow-up to assess safety, tolerability and efficacy of multiple doses of SLS-002 paired with therapy. Read more HERE.

Cybin’s Psilocybin Derivative Breaks New Ground

The latest battle cry from the frontlines of psychedelics comes from none other than the next-generation powerhouse Cybin Inc. CYBN. They’ve unleashed the full Phase 2 trial results of their deuterated psilocybin derivative CYB003 for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD.) Although a relatively small trial, outcomes for the novel psychedelic are so far showing strong treatment efficacy after a single dose and “a clear incremental benefit” following a second one.

See new topline follow-up data HERE.

Clearmind Medicine Takes on Psychedelic-Based Treatment 

Clearmind Medicine Inc. CMND has come out guns blazing with results from its pre-clinical trial of the combination therapy. This is a heavyweight match that includes Clearmind’s MEAI, a proprietary psychedelic treatment for various addictions, obesity and metabolic disorders, and depression, and SciSparc Ltd’s SPRC Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), an anti-inflammatory agent and the active ingredient of its proprietary CannAmide. Learn more HERE.

Clearmind has recently undergone a 1-for-30 reverse stock split of its issued and outstanding ordinary shares, effective starting Nov. 28, as a means to regain compliance with Nasdaq’s minimum bid price rule.

Beckley Retreats Set to Blaze Trails With New Program 

Here comes Beckley Retreats, a science-backed psilocybin retreats and holistic wellbeing company, ready to launch its Signature Program for Personal Discovery and Transformation, “an 11-week curriculum of preparation and integration support to help guests achieve the most significant benefit from their six-day psilocybin retreats” in Jamaica and the Netherlands.

Under the umbrella of Amanda Feilding’s Beckley Foundation family of brands, Beckley Retreats has access to modern psychedelic science, implementing this research into its programming and protocols and collaborating in research and datasets toward helping set a precedent and best practices for the modern use of psychedelics. Program details HERE.

Mindbloom Unleashes Revolutionary Psychedelic Therapy Program

Austin-based ketamine therapy provider Mindbloom is charging forward with its Mastermind Series, the first-of-its-kind, expert-led psychedelic therapy program for overcoming severe mental and emotional health challenges.

With a new monthly release every month, each episode was developed jointly with a leading expert in the field and combines specialized instruction with ketamine therapy to enhance neuroplasticity and enable lasting change. 

The first episode, “Recovering from Rejection and Failure,” is led by emotional health expert, psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Guy Winch who will provide “emotional first aid” and skills paired with ketamine therapy. Find out more HERE.

The Milestone Round: A Thrilling Showdown

  • Seelos Therapeutics SEEL launched a $5.55 million public offering, and stock dropped 35%.

  • Numinus Wellness NUMIF reported its Q4 and full-year 2023 results, greatly reduced cash burn rate included.

  • Red Light Holland TRUFF, with a $12 million cash balance and revenue up 33%, remains ‘confident’ in its business strategy.

  • Irwin Naturals’ IWINF Q3 was led by cannabis and psychedelics buzz, despite falling revenue & surging losses.

  • Check out our psychedelics states update, this edition featuring Kentucky, Arizona, Wisconsin, California, Washington, Massachusetts & Alaska.

  • Worldwide, latest in Australia and New Zealand and in Norway and Finland.

  • Psychedelic cinema: 10 trippy holiday movies that warp reality.

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Psychedelics ETF Weekly Performance: A Wild Ride

AdvisorShares Psychedelics ETF PSIL opened Monday, November 27 at $1.43 (vs. prior weeks’ openings at $1.25 and $1.29)

On Friday, Dec. 1 it closed at $1.33 (vs. prior closings at $1.42 and $1.32.) 

Week’s highest was opening price of $1.43 (vs. prior weeks’ highests at $1.44 and $1.37.)

Week’s lowest was $1.27 on Thursday, Nov. 30 (vs. prior weeks’ lowest points at $1.25 and $1.27.)

Highest Trading Psychedelics Stocks Friday, Dec. 1 At Close: A Knife’s Edge

  • GH Research GHRS closed at $6.40, vs. immediately prior closings at $6.58 and $6.44.

  • COMPASS Pathways CMPS closed at $6.10, vs. prior closings at $6.46 and $6.01. 

  • Biotechnology Companies Have Spiked in Stock Prices, Leaving Investors Elated

    Incannex Healthcare IXHL has experienced an unprecedented surge, closing at $5.23, a striking leap from previous closings at $0.97 and $0.91

    Clearmind Medicine CMND has also reached a notable high, closing at $4.14, in contrast to prior closings at $3.10 and $3.82.

    Mind Medicine (MindMed) MNMD closed at $3.52, compared to prior closings at $3.03 and $2.59.

    Enveric Biosciences ENVB also experienced growth, closing at $1.68, as opposed to prior closings at $1.47 and $1.52.

    Silo Pharma SILO closed at $1.45, compared to prior closings at $1.82 and $1.50.

    Bright Minds Biosciences DRUG closed at $1.42, vs. prior closings at $1.49 and $1.26.

    Seelos Therapeutics SEEL closed at $1.38, vs. prior closings at $3.21 and $3.82.

    Atai Life Sciences ATAI closed at $1.12, vs. prior closings at $1.09 and $1.11. 

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