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QIAGEN (QGEN) Launches QIAcuity Kits and Software Update

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# QIAGEN (QGEN) Launches QIAcuity Kits and Software Update: A Positive Outlook for a Dynamic Industry
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## A Deeper Dive into the Latest Developments
The recent announcement by **QIAGEN N.V.(QGEN)** regarding the launch of three innovative kits for its QIAcuity systems and a significant software update marks a pivotal moment for the company. These breakthroughs are specifically engineered to further diversify the applications of digital Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology in critical areas such as cell and gene therapies, DNA and RNA quantification, as well as food and pharmaceutical safety. This not only strengthens the QIAcuity digital PCR platform but also underscores its vital role as one of QIAGEN’s five pillars of growth within the PCR/Nucleic acid amplification product group.

## Insights into the QIAcuity Digital PCR Kits
The advent of the QIAcuity Mycoplasma Quant Kit presents researchers with a groundbreaking solution for the precise detection of mycoplasma contaminants across all stages of research and manufacturing in the realm of cell and gene therapies. Verified by a third party and compliant with mycoplasma testing standards outlined by the United States, the EU, and the Japanese Pharmacopeia, this innovative kit significantly reduces in-house validation efforts. Another notable addition, the QIAcuity OneStep Advanced EG Kit, empowers researchers with the highly sensitive quantification of RNA or RNA alongside DNA within a single reaction. This kit’s utilization of intercalating dye technology not only simplifies design procedures but also offers a more cost-efficient alternative to fluorescent-probe-based PCR. The introduction of the QIAcuity mericon Food Testing Kits further extends QIAGEN’s extensive food safety testing portfolio, providing enhanced precision and sensitivity while ensuring reliable data analysis and interpretation. These ready-to-use digital PCR food tests are currently unparalleled in the market, enabling researchers to combat product adulteration through the precise authentication of food and animal feed ingredients.

## Breaking News: Software Upgrade
In addition to the groundbreaking kits, QIAGEN will launch the QIAcuity Software 2.5 update in November. This latest update is purpose-built to assist researchers in determining two crucial features of digital PCR analyses. Leveraging the functionality of a temperature gradient, the software equips researchers to identify the exact temperature required for their experiments, eliminating the necessity for an external thermocycler during the development of tests to target specific genetic building blocks.

## Industry Projections
The global digital PCR market, as per a research report, accumulated a value of $5.96 billion in 2022 and is projected to register a CAGR of 9.14% by 2032, signifying a bright future for the industry.

## Recent Performance and Price Movement
In the third quarter of 2023, QIAGEN’s PCR/Nucleic acid amplification segment witnessed a decline in sales of OEM products utilized by third-party companies. However, the QIAcuity digital PCR continued to deliver exceptional growth, exceeding 40% at the constant exchange rate. The segment is on track to achieve at least $70 million in annual sales by 2023, attributing its success to increasing consumables pull-throughs and robust trends in new placements. In terms of price performance, QIAGEN’s shares observed a decrease of 12.6% over the past six months compared with the industry’s decline of 17.6%.

## In Conclusion
Despite the hurdles faced, QIAGEN remains at the forefront of innovation and progress within the digital PCR landscape. The launch of these cutting-edge kits and software update underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to addressing critical industry needs and pushing the boundaries of possibility. As the industry continues to evolve, QIAGEN’s strategic advancements and relentless pursuit of excellence firmly position it for sustained success in the dynamic world of digital PCR.

## Disclaimer
The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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