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Revolutionary Project to Transform Mine Waste into Carbon Sink

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Arca Climate Technologies, a Canadian company born out of Carbin Minerals, has made headlines with its groundbreaking pilot project in collaboration with BHP to capture and store atmospheric CO2 from mine waste. This initiative, propelled by a C$1.25 million grant from the B.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy, marks a significant leap towards combating climate change and advancing sustainable practices in the mining industry.

Having secured a $1 million award from XPRIZE and the Musk Foundation in a carbon removal competition last year, Arca is steadily positioning itself as a leader in cleantech ventures.

The 18-month project is poised to validate Arca’s innovative methodology for capturing and permanently storing atmospheric carbon dioxide while demonstrating the seamless integration of its technologies within an operational mine site.

Arca rover 01
An Arca rover onsite. Image from Arca Climate Technologies.

Arca’s approach not only champions carbon removal but also emphasizes the production of essential metals for driving the clean energy transition. By leveraging rovers, surface manipulation technology, and machine learning algorithms, Arca accelerates the carbon mineralization process within mine tailings, thereby initiating a positive ripple effect in the fight against climate change.

β€œRevolutionizing Carbon Storage”

Greg Dipple, UBC Professor of Geological Sciences and co-founder of Arca, conveyed the monumental impact of their mineral activation technology by referring to the transformation of mine waste into a β€œmassive carbon sink.” He highlighted the acceleration of the natural process of carbon mineralization, which effectively turns mine waste into a valuable resource and a formidable solution for climate change.

Arca’s collaboration with industry giants such as Vale, Talon Metals, Poseidon Nickel, NickelSearch, and Blackstone Minerals underscores the widespread recognition and validation of its pioneering approach in addressing the carbon mineralization potential of mine tailings.

Paul Needham, CEO of Arca, stressed the urgency of the situation, stating, β€œThere is already far too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.” He expressed gratitude for the support from CICE, underscoring the pivotal role it plays in expediting the deployment of their negative emissions technologies alongside critical metal producers in the clean energy transition.

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