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Rivian Q3 Earnings Preview: Robust Delivery Numbers and Strategic Considerations

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Electric Truck Maker Rivian Recalls Almost All Of Its Vehicles Over Steering Issue

Investment Thesis

Rivian’s Q3 earnings release is expected to be a significant turning point for the company. Despite initial concerns over sales figures and convertible note offerings, Rivian has surpassed delivery estimates. However, challenges typical of the EV sector, such as cash burn and production ramp-up, indicate the need for continuous capital injection. To enhance financial stability and operational scalability, management should consider a potential strategic sale, leveraging the company’s strong partnership with Amazon.


Rivian Automotive Inc. is at a critical juncture as it prepares to disclose its Q3 earnings. After a preliminary sales estimate triggered a significant drop in the company’s stock, investors are eagerly awaiting the complete financial picture. With the revelation of a convertible note offering and concerns surrounding financial health during the production ramp-up phase, it is imperative that Rivian explores strategic options, including the possibility of a sale, to secure its position in the competitive EV market.

Rivian’s Financial and Operational Landscape

Despite the market’s reaction to its preliminary Q3 figures, Rivian showcases significant potential. Delivery numbers have exceeded expectations, and the company ended Q2 with a healthy cash reserve. However, Rivian’s substantial cash burn signals the need for careful financial navigation. Notably, Rivian’s well-developed EV battery supply chain brings added value, positioning the company as an attractive asset amidst ongoing supply chain challenges in the industry.

Rivian and Amazon

A Strategic Alliance

Rivian’s partnership with Amazon is a highlight of its strategic portfolio. This collaboration, including a commitment to deliver 100,000 electric vans by 2030, demonstrates a shared commitment to sustainability and enhances Rivian’s appeal as a potential acquisition target. Amazon’s stake in Rivian, coupled with its interest in leveraging Rivian’s technology for a cost-efficient, in-house delivery network, underscores the trust and long-term value in this relationship. This high-powered commercial vehicle partnership could be a game-changer for anyone looking to expand their EV fleet business.

Why Scale Matters

Rivian faces a challenge in accessing the lucrative IRA (Inflation Reduction Act) tax credit for its customers since most of its vehicles exceed the price cap. This puts competitors like Tesla and Ford in a more advantageous position for market share. Rivian’s potential to cut prices on their trucks is limited due to current gross profit losses. To overcome these obstacles, Rivian must scale up operations and secure better unit discounts on materials. Scaling would also allow Rivian to qualify for the IRA tax credit, making their vehicles more attractive and competitive in the market.

Evaluating Strategic Options

The Case for a Sale

Considering Rivian’s financial standing and market position, exploring a sale could be a strategic move. As the automotive industry undergoes a shift toward electrification, legacy automakers are under pressure to revamp their portfolios. Acquiring an established EV company like Rivian offers a shortcut to gaining a foothold in this emerging market. With its advanced EV technology, robust supply chain, and the significant Amazon fleet contract, Rivian presents a comprehensive package. A sale to a larger automaker could provide Rivian with the financial stability it needs while offering the buyer immediate entry into the competitive EV space. This move would also help mitigate the potential risks posed by new EPA fuel guidelines for traditional automakers.


Rivian incurred a net loss of $1.2 billion in Q2 2023. Achieving profitability depends on various factors, such as consumer demand, adoption rates, and cost management. Rivian’s investment in a new factory complex in Georgia, costing over $5 billion, necessitates additional capital beyond the recent convertible bond sale. The current enterprise value of Rivian stands at approximately $13 billion, excluding cash on hand at the end of Q3. Considering Rivian’s tangible book value and intangible assets related to its supply chain and brand, a takeover by a legacy automaker could yield substantial benefits.

Upcoming Q3 Earnings: A Critical Moment

Rivian’s Q3 earnings release will be pivotal, providing vital information about its operational and financial health. Key factors to watch include consumer demand, adoption rates, and cost management. While Rivian’s path to profitability may be lengthy, its potential rewards make it an enticing investment option, particularly if strategic decisions align with market demands and growth opportunities.


Rivian’s journey to profitability carries inherent risks. The recent exit of Ford as an investor adds complexity to the company’s financial narrative. Strategic decisions, especially a potential sale, involve intricate considerations with no guaranteed outcomes. However, Rivian’s upside potential makes it an asymmetric investment opportunity that warrants attention.


As the EV landscape continues to evolve, Rivian stands at a crossroads. Its upcoming Q3 earnings will provide valuable insights into its current health and future prospects. Strategic considerations, including a potential sale, could position Rivian for long-term success in the electric vehicle market. Joining forces with a larger automaker would offer financial stability, accelerate growth, and contribute to a greener, more sustainable automotive industry.

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