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Sam Altman Responds to AI Chip Project Speculation Sam Altman Brushes Off $7 Trillion AI Chip Project Speculation: ‘Don’t Pay Too Much Attention To That’

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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has brushed off claims that he is seeking a staggering $7 trillion for an artificial intelligence chip project.

What Happened: Altman responded to a report suggesting he was seeking a massive $7 trillion for an AI chip initiative. As reported by CNBCโ€™s โ€œLast Call,โ€ Altman urged the public not to โ€œpay too much attentionโ€ to the report.

The report in question had claimed that Altman was in talks with potential investors and partners across the U.S., Middle East, and Asia to fund this ambitious tech venture. The projectโ€™s success was said to depend on approval from the U.S. government.

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Why It Matters: Recent reports suggested that Altman was seeking financial backing for a groundbreaking tech initiative aimed at revolutionizing the global semiconductor industry and enhancing AI capabilities. The projectโ€™s estimated cost was between $5 trillion and $7 trillion, as per sources familiar with the matter.

The initiative was seen as a response to constraints on OpenAIโ€™s growth, such as the scarcity of expensive AI chips, known as graphics processing units (GPUs), which are essential for OpenAIโ€™s pursuit of artificial general intelligence.

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