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Shareholder Value Creation: REITs Snap Up Shares at Rock-Bottom Prices

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Real estate investment trusts, or REITs (VNQ), are now at the lowest valuations in a decade despite rising cash flows over the past 2 years. This has resulted in many REITs being heavily discounted relative to their net asset values:

Investors See Massive Upside Potential in RCI Hospitality with Heavy Insider Buying and Bullish Management

RCI Hospitality Holdings, Inc. (RICK), although not officially structured as a REIT, is positioned to function as one. The company excels in owning and managing nightclubs, distinguishing it as the sole publicly listed organization with that specialty. Despite experiencing a significant plunge in its share price over the past year, the company is steadfastly increasing its cash flow. Consequently, management is now fervently buying back shares.

Aggressive Share Buyback Strategy

The move to buy back shares is not a casual endeavor; rather, RICK has a distinct and clear-cut capital allocation plan, targeting share repurchases when they reach a cash flow yield of over 10%. Currently, the company is well above this threshold, making it an opportune time to execute the buyback strategy. Earlier this year, the company disclosed its intention to repurchase shares if they fell to $72 or less. Presently, with share prices hovering around $55, RICK has been aggressively purchasing about $100,000 worth of shares each day.

Anticipated Recovery and Future Potential

Amid tough circumstances, the CEOโ€™s recent statements suggest that RICK is overcoming the challenges. The anticipated recovery in same-property sales is expected to commence in November, with an envisioned overall recovery in same-property sales early in 2024.

RICK is also forecasted to benefit from various advantageous factors in 2024. The launch of new casinos is projected to contribute approximately $1 per share to free cash flow upon stabilization, significantly heightening the companyโ€™s current $7-8 of FCF per share. Additionally, the companyโ€™s intimation of potential new club acquisitions coupled with its strong cash reserves adds further potential upside.

Insider Support and Share Value

Furthermore, insiders within the company have been actively making purchases in the past month, underlining their confidence in the business. These significant insider purchases, alongside the intensive share buyback strategy, signal to investors that the stock might be undervalued and present an enticing opportunity for accumulation. The collective insider and management support fortifies the investment proposition in RCI Hospitality.


The proactive steps taken by RICKโ€™s management, coupled with insider confidence through share purchases, present a compelling case to investors. The company is well-positioned to capitalize on the imminent recovery and capitalize on promising growth avenues. With positive indicators aligning, RCI Hospitality is an enticing prospect in the current market climate.

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