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Sigma Lithium: Unleashing the Power of Green Energy

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Sigma Lithium (NASDAQ:SGML) has emerged as a standout player in the lithium market, rapidly progressing from exploration to production in an area that previously had little lithium mining activity. What sets Sigma apart is its commitment to sustainability, as the company aims to revolutionize the mining industry’s often negative image by positioning itself as a green company with significant societal benefits. With CEO Ana Cabral at the helm, Sigma is championing the cause of environmentally responsible mining practices.

As the world increasingly embraces green technologies, Sigma’s focus on sustainability has positioned it as a key player in the lithium sector. The company is gaining recognition for its pioneering concepts such as “Green” lithium, as other mining companies, like Lithium Ionic (OTCQB:LTHCF), look to emulate Sigma’s success.

Sigma Lithium: The Company Overview

Sigma Lithium operates the Grota do Cirilo mine in Brazil’s Minas Gerais province. The mine boasts a substantial spodumene deposit, which is mined and concentrated into SC5.5. Since acquiring the asset in 2012, Sigma’s leadership team has successfully brought the mine into production and is currently ramping up operations. As a pure-play hard rock lithium company similar to Pilbara (OTCPK:PILBF), Sigma stands out as a low-cost producer with exceptional potential for revenue growth and profit margins.

The initial phase of Sigma’s operations is just the beginning. Once fully complete, they have plans to produce 270,000 tonnes of spodumene concentrate, generating revenues of approximately $756 million at current market prices. The feasibility studies for phases two and three, which will significantly increase their operational capacity, are already underway. Once complete, Sigma has the potential to become one of the leading lithium producers, joining the ranks of established players like Pilbara.

Why Sigma is a Great Company

A Great Asset

Sigma’s Grota do Cirilo mine boasts a vast and high-quality lithium resource. With current resources of 85.6 Mt and reserves of 54.8 Mt, Sigma has secured a significant asset with potential for further growth. The size of the mine allows for scalability and a longer mine life. Moreover, Sigma’s lithium pegmatites have a high lithium content, comparable to the industry-leading Greenbushes mine, making the conversion process more efficient and the final product more valuable.

A Great Product

Sigma’s spodumene concentrate stands out in the market due to its unique characteristics. Unlike most mining operations, Sigma has opted for a dense media separation (DMS) circuit instead of conventional flotation circuits for concentration. This decision offers advantages such as lower capital expenditure, reduced environmental impact, and a coarser product that is easier for converters to work with. Sigma’s focus on sustainability is further highlighted by marketing their spodumene as “Green Lithium,” an attractive proposition for environmentally conscious businesses and governments.

Great Economics

Sigma’s cost structure places them in the first quartile of lithium producers. With a target cost per tonne of $550 to $650, Sigma is well-positioned to generate substantial profitability as the spodumene market continues to grow. The current spodumene price of around $3000 per tonne ensures solid revenue streams, especially considering the projected spodumene shortage in the coming years.

Great Operations

The successful ramp-up of Sigma’s production is a testament to their strong operational capabilities. Currently exceeding their nameplate capacity by producing 890 tonnes per day, Sigma has demonstrated their ability to execute and deliver results. Their efficient process flow encompassing crushing, separating, and dry stacking further enhances their competitive advantage.

Great CEO

Sigma’s CEO, Ana Cabral, has played a crucial role in the company’s success. Her vision and leadership have shaped Sigma into the sustainable mining powerhouse it is today. Cabral’s commitment to creating a positive impact on the world through responsible mining practices sets Sigma apart from its peers. Her successful track record and inspiring leadership offer confidence in Sigma’s future growth and value creation.

Great ESG Practices

As environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors gain prominence, Sigma’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility sets them apart. From employing over 1000 local workers and supporting women-owned businesses through micro-loans to their zero-hazardous-chemical, zero-tailings, and zero-carbon operations, Sigma is a shining example of the positive contributions mining companies can make to society. Their focus on ESG practices has garnered recognition and support from consumers, investors, and local communities.

Great Infrastructure

Sigma benefits from excellent existing infrastructure, including access to cheap hydroelectric power and well-established highways to the nearby port of Vitoria. This strategic location allows Sigma to transport their lithium concentrate to ships efficiently, minimizing transportation costs and maximizing operational efficiency.

Recent Troubles: A Minor Hurdle

While recent news of legal disputes over land packages may have caused concern, Sigma has swiftly addressed the issue, stating that it has no impact on the company’s operations. The ongoing divorce litigation between Ana Cabral and her husband, Calvyn Gartner, does introduce some uncertainty, but it is unlikely to significantly hinder Sigma’s future growth plans. Sigma’s strong relationships with local stakeholders and the overall support they have garnered in the mining-friendly jurisdiction of Minas Gerais provide confidence that any disputes can be resolved without major disruptions.

Valuation and Future Outlook

Comparison Valuation

Comparing Sigma to similar companies like Pilbara provides insights into Sigma’s growth potential. Taking into account projected production and considering comparable economics, Sigma’s valuation suggests significant upside. Analysts’ conservative estimates place Sigma’s target share price at $69, but as the market gains confidence in the company’s consistent cash flow generation and anticipates further expansions, the potential for a higher share price is evident.

Earnings Estimates Valuation

Anticipating Sigma’s future earnings based on production projections allows for a deeper understanding of the company’s potential value. With a projected spodumene price of $3000 per tonne and a relatively low cost of $650 per tonne, Sigma stands to generate substantial profits. Conservatively estimating post-tax earnings at $1.5 billion per year, Sigma’s valuation suggests further upside potential as market conditions improve and investors recognize the company’s long-term potential.

NPV Valuation

Exploring Sigma’s net present value (NPV) with varying spodumene prices reveals a broad range of potential valuations. With smaller predictions suggesting an NPV of $4 billion and more aggressive projections as high as $15.3 billion, Sigma is undervalued, with significant room for appreciation. While market fluctuations and concerns about lithium prices contribute to its current value, the long-term growth potential of Sigma remains compelling.

The Opportunity for Investors

Despite Sigma’s immense potential, the market is still gauging its consistency and remains wary of a potential lithium price crash. However, the projected lithium shortage and the ongoing global push towards green technologies reinforce the optimistic outlook for lithium prices. Sigma’s impressive track record, commitment to sustainability, and valuable green lithium product position the company for substantial future earnings growth.

Additionally, Sigma’s recent announcement of potential strategic partnerships and the possibility of takeover proposals further adds to the company’s attractiveness for investors seeking potential returns within a shorter timeframe.


Sigma Lithium is a trailblazer among lithium mining companies, championing sustainable practices and generating shareholder value. With a high-quality asset, cost-effective operations, and a commitment to ESG principles, Sigma has established itself as a key player in the green energy revolution. While current valuations may not fully reflect the company’s true worth, patient investors can take advantage of Sigma’s potential for significant growth and value creation in the years to come.

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