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S&P 500 Prediction For 2024: 6,000 By Year End Expert Predicts S&P 500 to Reach 6,000 by End of 2024

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US economy is a consumer-driven rocket, blasting off in tandem with the money left with middle-class people from their wages after wrestling with basic necessities like housing, food, and fuel. This spectacular disposable income ignites a supernova of spending that powerfully impacts stock prices of a vast majority of companies that make up a broad stock index like the mighty S&P 500. Since 2009, the financial astrologer behind the crystal ball has been predicting the stock market’s trajectory based on the gravitational pull of these factors: wages, home prices, gas prices, inflation, and interest rates. Among these stars, interest rates shine the brightest, as they have the power to warp the borrowing ability of people. A fantastical formula was concocted and unveiled in 2014 at the gathering of financial seers, Seeking Alpha, explaining the cosmic impact of these factors on the Stock Market.

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