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Teck and Oldendorff Lead the Charge with Climate-Friendly Shipping

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Ever heard the saying, β€œtwo heads are better than one”? Well, that’s exactly the magic that’s happening here between Teck and Oldendorff. Let me tell you, these two companies mean business when it comes to fighting carbon emissions. Since 2021, they’ve been on a real tear, slicing through supply chain emissions like a hot knife through butter. Their teamwork has seen a whopping 115,000 tonnes of CO2 sent packing.

Jonathan Price, Teck’s big cheese, couldn’t contain his excitement about this cool, new project. He said, β€œWe’re really shaking things up by harnessing the power of the wind in shipping. You better believe it’s going to shrink Teck’s carbon footprint and play a major role in paving the way for cleaner transport corridors. At Teck, we’re all about teaming up with our customers and suppliers to shrink our supply chain emissions. It’s all part of our climate strategy, you know!”

Now, hold onto your hats because we’re about to get all technical here. These superstar companies are championing the use of Flettner Rotors, 21st-century marvels created by none other than Norsepower. And guess what? They’re even made from recycled materials, including a jaw-dropping 342,000 plastic bottles. Can you believe that? Talk about turning trash into treasure!

Teck has its eye on the prize with its 2030 climate goals. They’re on a mission to slash carbon intensity at all their operations by a third, have their steelmaking buddies cut global carbon intensity by 30%, and carve out some low-emission supply chain highways. As for bulk carriers, well, they’re in for a treat as emissions set to be slashed by a whopping 40%. And get this – Teck’s aiming to be carbon neutral by 2050, now that’s what I call aiming high!


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