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The Road to Tesla’s FSD Revolution

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Elon Musk, the maverick CEO of Tesla Inc TSLA has set his sights on transforming the automotive industry with groundbreaking updates to the companyโ€™s Full Self Driving (FSD) software. He boldly declared on Monday that Tesla will introduce three major enhancements every fortnight to rapidly enhance its autonomous driving capabilities.

Breaking It Down: Despite its name, Teslaโ€™s FSD software is currently labeled as โ€˜betaโ€™ and necessitates continuous driver oversight. Muskโ€™s vision for FSD is clear โ€“ achieving true autonomy. The CEO is not one to mince words, confidently stating that FSD will be โ€œreally shining brightโ€ come late April or early May.

Recent praise greeted Teslaโ€™s unveiling of FSD version 12.3, with enthusiasts lauding its performance. Musk teased the imminent arrival of version 12.4, promising even greater strides in autonomous capabilities.

Musk noted substantial progress in overcoming the companyโ€™s training compute limitations, a crucial factor propelling the rapid deployment of fresh updates.

Significance: Back in June 2023, Musk identified vehicle autonomy as the lynchpin fueling Teslaโ€™s market valuation.

During the VivaTech conference in Paris, Musk emphasized, โ€œThe value of the company is primarily on the basis of autonomyโ€ฆThatโ€™s really, I think, the main driver of our value.โ€ The road to full autonomy has been rife with missed deadlines. Despite past setbacks, Musk remains undeterred, outlining fresh timelines for the journey ahead.

Acknowledging the challenges, Musk tactfully diverted attention from immediate autonomous driving aspirations, foreseeing a decade-long wait before ubiquitous self-driving cars grace our roads.

Responding to concerns raised by a non-profit group regarding individual mobility restrictions through autonomous tracking, Musk calmly reassured that patience is key in the pursuit of self-driving technology.

For more insights on the future of mobility, stay tuned to Benzingaโ€™s coverage.

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