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Unveiling the Unseen Victors of Artificial Intelligence’s Meteoric Expansion

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Artificial intelligence, a realm where stocks reach stratospheric valuations, raises questions about barriers to entry for companies in the sector. However, if AI proves to be a perpetual propellor of growth, one industry stands poised to experience supernormal expansion – energy.

The Energy Industry: A Hidden Haven in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

In this enlightening discourse, Travis Hoium delves into the hurdles of meeting demand within the energy sector and pinpoints lucrative opportunities for astute investors.

The Pulse on Stock Prices

*Stock prices cited are based on the closing figures of Feb. 27, 2024, with the accompanying video released on Feb. 28, 2024.

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Revealing Board Affiliations and Market Insights

Noteworthy Mentions:

Randi Zuckerberg, previously associated with Facebook, and sibling to Meta Platforms’ CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, currently serves on The Motley Fool’s board. John Mackey, the ex-CEO of Whole Foods Market, now under Amazon’s umbrella, is also a member of The Motley Fool’s board. Travis Hoium maintains positions in First Solar and NextEra Energy Partners. Notably, The Motley Fool holds positions in and endorses Amazon, Meta Platforms, Microsoft, NextEra Energy, Nvidia, and Tesla. Brookfield Renewable Partners and First Solar are on The Motley Fool’s recommendation list, and it suggests long January 2026 $395 calls on Microsoft along with short January 2026 $405 calls on Microsoft. The disclosure policy of The Motley Fool stipulates Travis Hoium’s affiliation with the platform, potentially earning compensation for promoting its services. Opting to subscribe through their referral link is a means for them to garner additional support. It’s imperative to recognize that their opinions remain impartial and independent of The Motley Fool’s interests.

The perspectives and viewpoints articulated herein belong to the author exclusively and may not necessarily mirror those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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