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The Positive Outlook for Carvana Moving Towards the End of the Year

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Based in Phoenix, AZ, Carvana Co (CVNA) is a prominent online platform for the buying and selling of used cars. Despite facing financial hardships in 2022, the company is making a strong recovery.

Debt Restructuring

Carvana is currently in the process of rebuilding its business. This phase alone presents a significant opportunity for the companyโ€™s stock to revert to a more typical trade. Carvana recently entered into a deal that will allow them to reduce their total debt by over $1.2 billion, extend the maturity dates, and lower their short-term interest expenses. These changes provide the company with the flexibility needed for improved profitability and growth.

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Shifting Away from Traditional Dealerships

Carvanaโ€™s integrated e-commerce platform has disrupted the traditional used-car sales model. With a customer-centric approach, Carvana offers buyers a seamless online shopping experience, a wide selection of vehicles, and excellent value. This unique business model positions Carvana for continued growth in the used-car market.

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Promising Technical Chart

Carvanaโ€™s stock has experienced tremendous growth this year, with a current year-to-date increase of 879.91%. However, the stock has yet to retreat to its 50-day moving average. The first touch of this moving average after a significant move typically presents a favorable risk-to-reward opportunity. Considering Carvanaโ€™s strong performance, itโ€™s foreseeable that the stock will trend towards $60 in the near future.

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Short Sellers Facing Challenges

Carvanaโ€™s stock has shown an inclination to continue rising, and it is common for stocks that seem โ€œtoo highโ€ to actually go even higher when there are positive fundamental changes in the company. Currently, there is still a significant number of short positions in Carvanaโ€™s stock, with 51.72% of the float being shorted. As more buyers enter the market and the stock holds above its rising 50-day moving average, short sellers may be compelled to cover their positions. This could result in a short squeeze and further boost the stockโ€™s performance.


Carvana is evolving from a struggling company to a thriving one. With shrinking debt, increasing revenue, and an attractive entry point for investors, the outlook for Carvana is positive. Itโ€™s reasonable to anticipate that the stock will continue its upward trajectory, potentially reaching $60 in the weeks ahead.

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