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Thursday's ETF Movers: PSI, CQQQ

Thursday's ETF Movers: PSI, CQQQ

Market Insights: Tech ETFs in the Tumultuous Thursday Trade

Rollercoaster Ride: Semiconductor ETF Takes Investors on a Whirlwind Journey

In a tumultuous Thursday trade, the Invesco Semiconductors ETF emerged as the star performer, outshining its peers with a mesmerizing 4.1% surge. Micron Technology and Broadcom stood out as the champions, with Micron soaring a remarkable 15.6% and Broadcom not far behind at 8.8%.

Bumpy Road Ahead: China Tech ETF Struggles to Find its Footing

Meanwhile, the Invesco China Technology ETF encountered choppy waters, plunging by 2.3% during Thursday’s afternoon trading session. Pdd Holdings faced a significant setback, plummeting by 6%, while Weibo also felt the heat with a 3.1% decline.

Thursday's ETF Movers: PSI, CQQQ

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