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Tilray’s Innovative Expansion Unveils THC, CBG and CBD-Infused Beverages

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Tilray Brands, Inc. TLRY TLRY expanded its repertoire in the marijuana beverage market with a new assortment of offerings from its brands XMG and Mollo. Renowned for their diverse flavors and cannabinoid profiles, which encompass THC, CBG, and CBD, these brands have become significant players in the industry.

President of Tilray Canada, Blair MacNeil, expressed, β€œTilray’s commitment to innovation and consumer satisfaction is evident in our extensive beverage offerings from XMG and Mollo. Building on the success of recent introductions from other Tilray brands such as Solei and RIFF, we have firmly established ourselves as leaders in the cannabis beverage market. Both XMG and Mollo have consistently been top choices for Canadian consumers, and these new releases, highlighting unique cannabinoid combinations and premium formulations, underscore our dedication to providing diverse and quality brand experiences.”

Discover XMG’s Exquisite Creations

  • XMG+ Tropical Cream Float: A tropical twist on classic cream soda infused with 10mg THC + 10mg CBG & guarana extract.
  • XMG+ Citrus Peaks: A fresh citrus blast with 10mg THC + 10mg CBG & guarana extract.
  • XMG+ Paradise Treat: An enticing fruit punch with 10 mg THC + 10mg CBG & guarana extract.
  • XMG+ Lemon Iced Tea: A classic non-carbonated Lemon Iced Tea featuring 10 mg THC + 10mg CBG & guarana extract.

Unveiling Mollo’s Latest Offerings

  • Mollo 10 Orchard Chill’r: A semi-sweet, crisp, apple cider-inspired brew with 10mg THC and 10mg CBG.
  • Mollo 5: A non-alcoholic lager with a balanced 1:1 ratio of 5mg nano-infused THC and 5mg CBD.
  • Mollo 5 Lime: A refreshing non-alcoholic Mollo lager with a tantalizing lime flavor, infused with 5mg THC and 5mg CBD.
  • Mollo 10: A double-brewed non-alcoholic lager with 10mg THC + 10mg CBG.

Driven by this bold move, Tilray shares were trading 1.73% higher at $1.76 per share during Wednesday’s pre-market session.

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