Home Market News Unforeseen Volatility: Navigating Today’s Pre-Market Stock Rollercoaster

Unforeseen Volatility: Navigating Today’s Pre-Market Stock Rollercoaster

Unforeseen Volatility: Navigating Today’s Pre-Market Stock Rollercoaster

Starting the week on the stock market is akin to strapping into a rollercoaster, with pre-market stock movers dictating the thrilling ride. Prepare for astonishing turnarounds and abrupt plummets as we dissect the top gainers and losers on this Monday morning.

Leading the Pack: 10 Top Gainers

  1. Kidpik (NASDAQ:PIK) stock is on a meteoric rise, soaring over 270% amid robust pre-market trading.
  2. Fangdd Network (NASDAQ:DUO) shares are scaling new heights, surging nearly 105% as it ventures into the realm of real estate stock asset services.
  3. Auddia (NASDAQ:AUUD) stock is catapulting over 54% with early morning trading vigor.
  4. HeartCore Enterprises (NASDAQ:HTCR) shares are climbing more than 34%, unfazed by the lack of morning news.
  5. Mesoblast (NASDAQ:MESO) stock is up almost 21% following a pivotal update from the FDA.
  6. AirNet Technology (NASDAQ:ANTE) shares are blazing a trail, soaring 20% after announcing shifts in its Board of Directors.
  7. Graphite Bio (NASDAQ:GRPH) stock is ascending over 18% following news of a special dividend entwined with a merger development.
  8. GDS Holdings (NASDAQ:GDS) shares are jumping more than 18% on whispers of potential new investments in the company.
  9. TC BioPharm (NASDAQ:TCBP) stock is edging up nearly 17%, spurred by intense trading activity today.
  10. NuScale Power (NYSE:SMR) shares are up over 14% after announcing participation in investor conferences.

Top 10 Losers

  1. Semilux International (NASDAQ:SELX) stock is plummeting more than 22% following a Friday rally.
  2. DHC Acquisition (NASDAQ:DHCA) shares are tumbling over 21% as it finalizes a merger deal.
  3. Psyence Biomedical (NASDAQ:PBM) stock is taking a hit, dropping close to 19% after a recent surge.
  4. Lytus Technologies (NASDAQ:LYT) shares are sliding more than 17% following recent interviews.
  5. Addex Therapeutics (NASDAQ:ADXN) stock is declining over 16% amidst a void of morning news.
  6. Avenue Therapeutics (NASDAQ:ATXI) shares are decreasing more than 16% as plans for a reverse stock split loom.
  7. CERo Therapeutics (NASDAQ:CERO) stock is facing a setback, down over 15% after a surge in price last Friday.
  8. Mira Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:MIRA) shares are slipping more than 15% following a recent upswing.
  9. Barnes & Noble Education (NYSE:BNED) stock is dipping almost 15% amid doubts about its ongoing viability.
  10. XBP Europe (NASDAQ:XBP) shares wrap up our pre-market movers list, down over 14%.

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