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Triple Flag Precious Metals: Golden Dividend Declared

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Diving into Dividends

Triple Flag Precious Metals, in a move that resonates with shareholders, announced a steady course by declaring a regular quarterly dividend of $0.05 per share on February 21, 2024. This amount, amounting to $0.21 annually, matches the previous payout by the company. Investors with a record as of March 4, 2024, will revel in the timely payment arriving on March 15, 2024. Noteworthy is the stock’s current dividend yield of 1.71% at a per-share price of $12.31.

Examining dividends over the past five years – akin to scrutinizing the layers of a golden nugget – reveals an intriguing narrative. The average dividend yield stands at 1.65%, with fluctuations landing between a low of 1.18% and a high of 2.12%. Factoring in the standard deviation of 0.26 from a sample size of 66, the current dividend yield sits 0.23 standard deviations above this historical average. Such metrics offer investors a compass, guiding them through the company’s financial landscape.

Delving deeper, the company’s dividend payout ratio of 1.41 unveils a tale of fiscal responsibility. This metric illustrates the proportion of a company’s income designated for dividends – a ratio above one indicating a potential strain on reserves. The lack of dividend increase over the last three years suggests a nuanced approach by Triple Flag Precious Metals, balancing capital retention against rewarding investors.

Future Glimmers: Analyzing Forecasts

Shift your focus to the crystal ball of analysts’ predictions, and a compelling picture emerges. As of February 24, 2024, a consensus paints a one-year price target of $17.72 for Triple Flag Precious Metals, showcasing upward movement. Spanning from a low estimate of $11.24 to a bullish high of $24.14, this range hints at a potential 43.95% surge from the current share price.

In tandem, the projected annual revenue of $184MM and a non-GAAP EPS of 0.43 add richness to the canvas, portraying a company with sound fundamentals and growth aspirations. Shareholders, like eager prospectors, await the unfolding of these future narratives with bated breath.

Shareholder Symphony: A Melody of Ownership

Shifting focus to the ensemble of shareholders, we witness a ballet of strategic movements. Elliott Investment Management leads the chorus with 133,816K shares, entitling them to a 66.55% stake in the company, holding firm over the last quarter. Whitebox Advisors harmonizes with 3,567K shares, representing 1.77% ownership, mirroring stability in their position.

Van Eck Associates, akin to a maestro fine-tuning its orchestra, orchestrates a crescendo in their ownership. With 3,527K shares now under their baton at 1.75%, they have increased their portfolio allocation by 5.51%, marking a strategic shift. GDXJ – VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF, a player in the shareholder symphony, adjusts its position with a keen eye, raising their stake by 5.64% despite a 12.96% decrease in their portfolio allocation.

Lastly, Sprott, echoing a somber note, draws back with a decrease in their ownership by 19.81%. With 2,751K shares at 1.37%, and a 20.92% reduction in portfolio allocation over the last quarter, they exhibit a cautious ballet in their investment strategy.

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