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Twilio Foresees Consolidation Despite Strong Fundamentals (Technical Analysis)

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Twilio Inc. (NYSE:TWLO) has demonstrated remarkable stability and growth as a leading customer interaction platform, experiencing a significant increase in revenue compared to the previous year. This stability is particularly noteworthy after the company strategically restructured its focus between Communications and Data & Applications segments, which have shown significant progress in optimizing customer interactions. This article continues the previous discussion on Twilio, delving into technical analysis to identify investment opportunities. Observations suggest that the stock price has been consolidating for the past few months, but there are indications of a potential base pattern. Monitoring crucial levels will be integral to executing long positions.

Twilio Earnings Highlight Stability and Growth

In Q2 2023, Twilio exhibited significant resilience as a leading customer engagement platform, with strong financial results marked by notable revenue surges. The company reported total earnings of $1.04 billion, a 10% increase from the previous year, and experienced a noteworthy 55% rise in GAAP Loss from operations.

Twilio underwent strategic restructuring in February 2023, dividing into Communications and Data & Applications. This reorganization, aligned with the organization’s structure, allows for improved management oversight and a focused approach to messaging, voice, email, and customer engagement solutions. The evaluation of each division is primarily driven by revenue and non-GAAP gross profit, aiming for optimal organizational effectiveness. Both segments experienced significant growth in Q2 2023.

The Communication segment, which includes multiple APIs and software designed to enhance interaction between Twilio’s clients and their users, generated revenue of $913.1 million, a 10% increase from the previous year. The Data & Applications segment yielded revenue of $124.6 million, representing a 12% year-over-year growth. The chart below illustrates Twilio’s overall positive revenue growth.

Data by YCharts

CEO Jeff Lawson expressed satisfaction with the solid second quarter, highlighting record quarterly revenue, non-GAAP operational profit, and positive cash flow. Lawson confidently expects Twilio to generate significant non-GAAP operational profit in the second half of the year, emphasizing a commitment to sustained growth throughout the organization.

Additionally, Twilio has completed $500 million in planned share repurchases outlined in February 2023, demonstrating the company’s financial strength and dedication to enhancing shareholder value. This initiative is expected to conclude on December 31, 2024. Twilio has also refined its strategic focus by divesting its IoT and ValueFirst units in June and July 2023, respectively, with the goal of streamlining its core business focus.

Analyzing Long-Term Trends

The monthly chart below illustrates long-term price trends previously discussed in the May 2023 article. The significant rise between 2018 and 2020 can be attributed to consistent revenue growth, strategic acquisitions, and an expanding customer base. Twilio’s cloud communication solutions gained traction as organizations shifted to remote and online approaches during the global pandemic, emphasizing the need for reliable communication platforms. The incorporation of SendGrid further enhanced Twilio’s capabilities in email communications, accelerating its growth. Despite strong fundamentals and growth prospects, Twilio’s stock experienced a reversal in 2021 due to market conditions and shifting investment preferences. However, the market is currently going through a consolidation phase, suggesting a potential rebound.

Twilio Monthly Chart

Identifying Crucial Levels and Strategies for Investors

A bear flag pattern has been identified on the weekly chart, providing a deeper understanding of the consolidation pattern. The swift reversal in May 2023 remained below the crucial blue trend line, indicating a higher probability of additional consolidations below this level. Furthermore, the RSI is below the mid-level of 50, indicating persistent downward momentum.

Twilio Weekly Chart

To better understand the critical price levels in Twilio, the weekly chart below highlights the patterns formed after a significant consolidation in Twilio’s stock. These patterns feature a double bottom at $42 and $45.02, with a neckline at $79. A breakout above this neckline would confirm the bottom and trigger a significant rally. The neckline also aligns with an RSI level at 50, indicating the potential for higher prices.

Twilio Weekly Chart

Market Risk

Despite strong financial health and operational stability, Twilio is vulnerable to market risks stemming from stock price fluctuations and potential gaps between actual and expected values. This has implications for investor sentiment and market perception, impacting the company’s strengths. The market shifts in 2021, favoring value stocks over growth-focused tech stocks, added systemic risks. Twilio operates in a competitive and rapidly evolving technological environment, where customer concentration and competition pose significant challenges to market share and revenue. The technical analysis signals market risks, such as bear flags and persistent downward momentum, necessitating careful monitoring to preserve investor confidence and market valuation.


In conclusion, Twilio has demonstrated impressive fiscal resilience and substantial growth in recent quarters within its Communication and Data & Applications segments. CEO Jeff Lawson remains optimistic about the company’s future and its commitment to balanced growth. Despite ongoing market volatility, Twilio needs strategic navigation to maintain its market position and growth trajectory. The market is consolidating, and a strong breakout above the $79 price level would present a favorable buying opportunity for investors. Until this breakout occurs, the stock price is likely to continue consolidating and may potentially experience further decline.

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