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Red Light Holland Subsidiary Receives U.S. Patent for 3D Movement Data in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

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Canadian mushrooms producer Red Light Hollandโ€™s wholly-owned tech subsidiary, Radix Motion, has been granted a U.S. patent for the use of human movement data in psychedelic-assisted therapy (PAT). This patent, attained through the USPTOโ€™s Patent Prosecution Highway (PTT) program, signifies a major milestone for Radix Motionโ€™s innovative technology.

Utilizing Human Movement Data for Positive Experiences

In Radix Motionโ€™s patent claims, the company highlights the use of human movement data as a tool to promote positive experiences, prevent negative experiences, predict and personalize individual patient experiences, and evaluate the efficacy of psychedelic therapy. By analyzing movement patterns, Radix Motion aims to enhance patient outcomes and ensure the safety of both patients and facilitators.
Importantly, Radix Motionโ€™s technology does not involve sending or storing any video information, prioritizing patient privacy while leveraging the power of AI and movement data analysis.

Real-Time Analysis for Enhanced Safety Measures

Radix Motion plans to file a continuation application to keep the application family open, allowing for the pursuit of additional allowed claims and new patents. One of the proposed applications is real-time analysis, which involves identifying the position and body movement of a psychedelic facilitator or therapist. This enables the detection of potential violations and triggers real-time alerts and safety measures, ensuring a more secure therapeutic environment.

The Promise of AI and Human Movement Data in Psychedelic Therapy

CEO Sarah Hashkes emphasizes the growing need for technology to support data-driven decisions and real-time protection of patients and clients as the accessibility of psychedelic-assisted therapy expands. Hashkes believes that the combination of human movement data and AI presents untapped potential for clinical research and new psychedelic compound development, fostering responsible best practices and positive change in the emerging psychedelic ecosystem.

Achieving New Milestones and Revenue Streams for Red Light Holland

Graham Pechenik, a patent attorney and senior advisor to Red Light Holland, affirms the uniqueness and speed in which the patent prosecution process was completed. This achievement positions Red Light Hollandโ€™s embodied technology as a valuable asset that may be licensed or sold, creating additional revenue streams for the company.
Todd Shapiro, RLHโ€™s CEO and director, views the patent as an important milestone that opens up new possibilities for the company. Notably, it further solidifies Red Light Hollandโ€™s commitment to responsible practices in the psychedelic space and contributes to positive change within the industry.

Expanding Radix Motionโ€™s Immersive Technology Portfolio

Radix Motion, with its focus on developing immersive and embodied technology for health and wellness, has a range of innovative products in addition to its patented movement data technology. This includes Meu, an AR/VR interactive hologram messenger, iMicroapp, a microdosing app that also measures poses, and Wisdom VR, an interactive education platform on psychedelics. These products showcase Radix Motionโ€™s dedication to advancing therapeutic experiences through cutting-edge technology.
This U.S. patent grant serves as a testament to Red Light Holland and Radix Motionโ€™s commitment to innovation and creating a lasting impact in the field of psychedelic-assisted therapy.
Photo: Benzinga edit with photo by Photon photo and Jynto on Wikimedia Commons.

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