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Understanding the Impact of Treasury Market on Clean Energy Stocks

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In this article, we will discuss the recent performance of clean energy stocks and their underperformance compared to traditional energy stocks, as well as the key factors contributing to this trend. We will also analyze the impact of the Treasury market on both clean energy companies and the broader market.

The Significance of CPI

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a major economic indicator that investors closely monitor. The upcoming CPI report, set to be released next Thursday, is expected to show a rise in headline and core rates. A significant increase could have a negative impact on growth stock shareholders and risk appetite, while weak economic data may lead to a boost in stock prices.

The Influence of the Treasury Market

The bond market, particularly the Sovereign Treasury Bond market, is currently exerting significant control over the financial markets. The recent surge in Treasury bond yields, with the 10-year yield reaching 4.9% before retracting to 4.7%, has created a volatile and jittery market environment. Investors are closely monitoring economic data to gauge the duration of the tightening cycle and the Federal Reserve’s future decisions.

Challenges for Clean Energy Companies

Clean energy companies, especially those focused on alternative energy, have been facing significant challenges in the current market conditions. The recent surge in Treasury bond yields has put pressure on these companies due to their fixed-price long-term contracts and high leverage. Inflationary costs and higher financing expenses have negatively impacted their profitability and performance.

Performance of Clean Energy Stocks

The S&P Global Clean Energy Index has experienced a 20% decline in the past two weeks, positioning it for its worst performance since 2013. Companies such as Plug Power, ChargePoint, and Origin Materials have received unfavorable ratings from Seeking Alpha’s Quant rating system, signaling a sell or strong sell recommendation. NextEra Energy, while receiving better ratings, still faces significant selling pressure.

Exploring the Link Between Treasury Market and Clean Energy

The Treasury market’s influence on clean energy stocks can be seen in both the corporate and consumer sectors. Clean energy companies are facing rising costs and limited pricing power due to fixed-price contracts and a surge in financing costs. Moreover, solar energy companies are experiencing a decline in demand due to higher financing costs for panel installations.

Impact on Investors

Investors in clean energy stocks are finding it challenging to navigate the current market conditions. The treasuries’ increased rates create uncertainty and volatility, making it difficult to make informed investment decisions. The Treasury market’s influence on clean energy stocks highlights the importance of closely monitoring economic indicators and the Federal Reserve’s actions.

Bank Earnings Preview

In addition to the clean energy market, investors are also gearing up for Q3 earnings reports from major banks, starting on October 13th. Key areas of focus include deposit levels, credit quality, capital markets activity, and net interest income. Seeking Alpha analyst Liz Kiesche will provide a bank earnings preview with more detailed insights.


Understanding the intricate relationship between the Treasury market and clean energy stocks is crucial for investors seeking to navigate the current market conditions. The performance of clean energy stocks is heavily influenced by rising rates in the Treasury market, impacting their profitability and market appeal. Meanwhile, the upcoming CPI report and Q3 bank earnings reports will provide further insights into the overall market dynamics.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be viewed as financial advice.

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