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VICI Properties: The Golden Goose for Double-Digit Returns

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Frustration brews like a storm as higher interest rates lash the real estate industry, particularly commercial real estate. The relentless surge in the cost of capital gnaws at margins and inflates cap rates. But amidst this tempest, there emerges a glimmer of hope. An opportunity to feast on the untamed riches of VICI Properties (

Infused with values of quality and wisdom, one discerning investor is bellowing at the winds and scooping up a plethora of real estate treasures. VICI Properties is just one of the many gems in this investor’s trove. It stands tall, offering a bounty of superior real estate assets, with a flawless record of 100% rent collection. The delicious allure of a stock trading at a compelling AFFO yield of 7.3% and a 5.6% dividend yield, promises not just a feast, but a banquet of growth. A growth that could see investors merrily skipping down a path strewn with double-digit returns per annum over the next 3-5 years, as VICI amasses cash flows and dividends, while the promise of potential rate cuts beckons an increase in valuation.

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