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Walmart Links Ozempic to Sales: Impact of Weight Loss Drugs on Shopper Behavior

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Walmart (WMT) recently revealed that the rise in the use of weight loss drugs is starting to impact shopper behavior. According to CEO of US Operations John Furner, there has been a slight pullback in overall purchases and calories in the basket. Walmart is examining this trend using anonymized data, comparing the purchasing habits of those taking weight loss drugs like Novo Nordiskโ€™s (NVO) Ozempic and Eli Lillyโ€™s (LLY) Mounjaro with those who arenโ€™t. These drugs, which include GLP-1 agonists, help individuals feel full with less food. While itโ€™s still too early to determine the full impact on sales, this shift in consumer behavior could have notable implications for the retail giant.

BlackBerry to Separate IoT and Cybersecurity Businesses

BlackBerry (BB) has announced plans to divide its internet of things (IoT) and cybersecurity businesses into two separate entities. This decision follows a strategic portfolio review earlier this year. In the first half of the next fiscal year, BlackBerry intends to launch an initial public offering for its IoT business, which includes software used in automotive and other industries. The companyโ€™s recent earnings report revealed a decline in revenue and a non-GAAP loss per share, primarily due to weakness in the cybersecurity business. Despite these challenges, the IoT business experienced sequential revenue growth and increased gross margin.

Ford Announces More Layoffs as UAW Strike Continues

Ford Motor (F) announced more layoffs, affecting a total of 400 workers, due to the ongoing United Auto Workers (UAW) strike. This brings the total number of employees out of work as a result of the strike to approximately 1,300. General Motors (GM) has estimated that the strike has already cost the company $200 million. To potentially prepare for an extended strike, GM recently secured a $6 billion revolving credit facility with JPMorgan Chase. Both Ford and GM are grappling with the economic consequences of the UAW strike.

Market Recap and Future Outlook

U.S. stocks bounced back tentatively after a previous session slide, with the Nasdaq rising 1.35% and the S&P 500 settling 0.81% higher. However, energy stocks experienced a decline due to falling crude oil prices. The fixed-income markets continued to attract attention, with the 10-year Treasury yield down 7 basis points to 4.73%. As of 6 am, Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq futures are all in the red, with crude oil down 1% and Bitcoin up 0.5%. In the world markets, the FTSE 100 is up 0.3% while the DAX is down 0.1%. Pre-market movers include Rivian Automotive (RIVN) with a nearly 9% drop after announcing the issuance of $1.5 billion in convertible senior notes. Todayโ€™s economic calendar features speeches from the Federal Reserve Bank of New Yorkโ€™s Mary Daly and the Federal Reserve Bank of Clevelandโ€™s Michael Barr on cyber risk in the banking sector.

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Key Highlights

  • Walmart identifies an impact on shopper behavior due to weight loss drugs like Ozempic
  • BlackBerry to separate IoT and cybersecurity businesses, pursuing an IPO for IoT segment
  • Ford announces additional layoffs amidst ongoing UAW strike
  • US stocks rebound, with Nasdaq and S&P 500 showing gains
  • Seeking Alpha: The go-to platform for serious investors

Frequently Asked Questions

How do weight loss drugs like Ozempic impact shopper behavior?

Weight loss drugs like Ozempic can lead to changes in shopper behavior, resulting in a slight pullback in overall purchases and calories in the basket. Individuals taking these drugs feel more full with less food, which can influence their shopping choices.

Why is BlackBerry separating its IoT and cybersecurity businesses?

BlackBerry is dividing its IoT and cybersecurity businesses into two separate entities to enhance operational focus and potentially increase investor interest. This move follows a strategic review of the companyโ€™s portfolio earlier this year.

What are the consequences of the ongoing UAW strike for Ford and General Motors?

The UAW strike has led to additional layoffs at Ford, affecting a total of 400 workers. General Motors estimates that the strike has already cost the company $200 million. As a result, both Ford and GM are grappling with significant economic challenges.

What is Seeking Alpha and why is it recommended for serious investors?

Seeking Alpha is a comprehensive platform providing news, analysis, ratings, and data on all significant stocks and ETFs. It is highly regarded for its high-quality community of real investors who actively discuss and share insights. This platform is a valuable resource for serious investors looking to make informed investment decisions.


The impact of weight loss drugs on shopper behavior highlights the evolving dynamics of the retail industry. Walmartโ€™s analysis of anonymized data sheds light on the potential effects of these medications on consumer choices. Meanwhile, BlackBerryโ€™s decision to separate its IoT and cybersecurity businesses reflects the companyโ€™s strategic goals. The ongoing UAW strike continues to pose challenges for Ford and General Motors, both in terms of layoffs and financial losses. As investors navigate these developments, Seeking Alpha remains a vital platform for accessing comprehensive market coverage and insights.

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