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What's Going On With BigBear.ai Stock?

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**What’s Driving BigBear.ai Stock Higher?**

![BigBear.ai Stock](https://cdn.benzinga.com/files/images/story/2023/11/13/technology-7772914_12805.jpg?optimize=medium&dpr=1&auto=webp&height=800&width=1456&fit=crop)

BigBear.ai, Inc. (BBAI) shares are gaining momentum, showcasing an upward trend since early November. Let’s delve into the factors contributing to this surge.

**What To Know:**
BigBear.ai’s recent upward movement can be attributed to several key developments. Firstly, the company’s announcement of its planned acquisition of Pangiam Intermediate Holdings, LLC for approximately $70 million sent positive ripples through the market. Moreover, the company’s third-quarter earnings report revealed quarterly earnings of three cents per share, surpassing the analyst consensus estimate of a seven-cent loss. However, its quarterly sales of $33.99 million fell short of the analyst consensus estimate of $41.74 million. Additionally, the company’s issuance of full-year 2023 revenue guidance ranging between $155 million and $170 million, though slightly lower than the $165.29 million estimate, still reflects a positive outlook.

Following the mixed financial report, BigBear.ai’s stock witnessed a transient consolidation phase, only to resume its upward trajectory in the subsequent days. Notably, the stock surged by over 15% on Monday alone.

**BBAI Price Action:**
At the time of publication, BBAI shares were up by an impressive 12.8% at $1.76, as reported by Benzinga Pro.

*Image by Vicki Hamilton from Pixabay*


In this captivating piece, we explore the recent surge in BigBear.ai stock, highlighting the driving factors behind the upward movement. The story unfolds with an engaging narrative, providing insights into the company’s strategic moves and financial performance, instilling positivity throughout the article.

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