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Why I Invest $500,000 in XBIL: A 5.6% Yielding ETF

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As an investor in the financial industry, it’s crucial to find assets that provide both yield and safety. In today’s volatile market, I’ve discovered a valuable investment opportunity that offers a 5.6% yield and a risk-free solution. That investment is the US Treasury 6 Month Bill ETF (XBIL).

Why XBIL Stands Out

XBIL is an ETF that focuses on 6-month US Treasury bills, which are considered cash equivalents due to their short duration and virtually no risk. While other alternatives like SHV, BIL, or VGSH exist, XBIL has proven to be my top choice for several reasons.

Qualities that Make XBIL an Ideal Choice

One of the key factors that recommend XBIL is its high liquidity. With an average daily trading volume of $8 million, I can buy or sell 100% of my position without worrying about liquidity risk. This is particularly important for investors who want to allocate a significant amount of their portfolio to this ETF.

In addition to its excellent liquidity, XBIL pays a monthly dividend, just like other cash ETFs such as iShares (SHV) and Vanguard (VGSH). The post-expense ratio yield of 5.4% offers a competitive advantage compared to other similar options.

Why I Have $500K Invested in XBIL

Cash is a risk-free asset with no duration risk, making it an essential component of a well-diversified portfolio. XBIL’s focus on 6-month Treasury bills, which are considered cash equivalents, appeals to me as an investor looking for stability and safety. By investing $500,000 in XBIL, I’m ensuring that I have a significant allocation in risk-free cash that can provide stable monthly income and preserve my capital.

The Benefits of Investing in Cash and Bonds

While cash offers stability, short-duration US Treasury bonds are also a crucial component of a balanced portfolio. These bonds provide higher yields than cash while still being relatively low risk. I allocate a portion of my portfolio to bonds to hedge against potential market downturns and recessionary periods. With shorter durations, these bonds offer better protection against potential interest rate increases.

Managed Futures and Their Role

Besides cash and bonds, managed futures are another asset class that can be effective in hedging against market volatility and recessions. Managed futures, such as the Mount Lucas managed futures index (KMLM), have historically demonstrated strong performance during periods of heightened market uncertainty. However, it’s important to note that managed futures carry more volatility and are not considered cash equivalents.

The Importance of Asset Allocation

Investing in a variety of asset classes, including cash, bonds, and potentially managed futures, is essential for building a well-rounded portfolio. Each of these assets serves a different purpose and provides unique advantages, helping to protect and grow wealth over time. By carefully allocating my investments to these asset classes, I can effectively manage risk and increase the likelihood of achieving my long-term financial goals.

Conclusion: Enhancing Stability and Returns

In summary, XBIL offers a compelling opportunity for investors seeking a combination of yield and safety. By investing $500,000 in this 5.6% yielding ETF, I can benefit from the stability of cash while ensuring a steady stream of monthly income. Carefully considering asset allocation, including cash, bonds, and potentially managed futures, allows me to enhance stability, navigate market volatility, and achieve my long-term financial objectives.

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