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Why Investing in the United States is a Hole-In-One

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As a passionate investor and avid golf fan, I can’t help but draw parallels between the Ryder Cup and the world of stock investing. Just as the U.S. team often dominates the Ryder Cup, the American stock market has consistently outperformed its international counterparts. While it’s exciting to root for the UK and Europe in the golf tournament, when it comes to investing, it’s clear that the United States is the winning choice.

The Home Market Bias: Is it Justified?

Most American investors exhibit a significant home market bias, with around 90% of their investments allocated to domestic stocks. This bias is understandable, considering the size and strength of the U.S. economy. However, it’s essential to consider the global nature of today’s economy and the potential benefits of diversification.

According to leading experts like Vanguard, investors should aim for a minimum of 20% exposure to international stocks in their portfolios, with 40% being the ideal target. Diversifying internationally helps reduce risk and enhances potential returns, especially in an increasingly interconnected world. Despite this advice, many American investors hesitate to allocate a significant portion of their capital overseas.

The Case for the American Advantage

While national pride may be one factor influencing investors’ preference for domestic stocks, there are sound reasons behind this decision. The United States offers a business-friendly environment that benefits corporations and investors alike. A favorable regulatory and tax framework, coupled with a pro-business mindset, creates a conducive atmosphere for the growth of U.S. companies.

Looking at the comparative performance of global ex-US stock ETF VXUS and the S&P 500 tracker SPY, it’s evident that American stocks have delivered superior returns. Over the past five years, SPY has gained 55% compared to a mere 6% gain for VXUS. This outperformance is a testament to the benefits of investing in a country that prioritizes its corporations and their interests.

While diversification can potentially dampen overall returns in certain market conditions, it serves as a valuable risk mitigation strategy. The past five years, marked by the COVID-19 crisis and global inflation concerns, have been exceptional, but even during this challenging period, U.S. stocks have prevailed. The business-friendly environment in the United States has proved resilient and has contributed to American outperformance.

Investing Strategically

Given the advantages of investing in the United States, it’s logical to allocate a significant portion of your portfolio to domestic stocks. The stability, growth potential, and favorable regulatory framework make American markets an attractive choice for investors.

Of course, it’s essential to maintain a level of international exposure for diversification purposes. Allocating 20% to 40% of your portfolio to international stocks can help mitigate risk and capture opportunities in global markets.


Rooting for the UK and Europe in the Ryder Cup is a matter of personal preference and national pride. However, when it comes to investing, the United States stands as the undisputed champion. Its business-friendly environment, favorable regulations, and consistent outperformance make it the go-to market for investors seeking superior returns. As you follow the Ryder Cup this weekend, remember to make strategic investment decisions that align with your financial goals and take advantage of the incredible opportunities the U.S. stock market has to offer.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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