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The 17% Surge: NetApp’s Rise and the Pre-Market Buzz

The 17% Surge: NetApp’s Rise and the Pre-Market Buzz

Shares of NetApp, Inc. NTAP saw a dramatic uptick in today’s pre-market trading following the company’s robust third-quarter financial performance and optimistic outlook.

NetApp exceeded expectations by reporting adjusted earnings of $1.94 per share, a significant beat on the anticipated $1.69 per share. Moreover, the company’s quarterly sales reached $1.610 billion, surpassing the projected $1.591 billion, as per data from Benzinga Pro.

In the wake of this stellar performance, NetApp shares catapulted by 17.3% to reach $104.50 during pre-market hours.

Exploring the pre-market scene further, let’s look at a few more stocks that are making waves:

Stocks on the Rise

  • Nxu, Inc. NXU surged 111.4% to hit $1.69 in pre-market trading after successfully charging a Tesla Cybertruck on Feb. 26.
  • Minim, Inc. MINM recorded a 36.4% rise, reaching $5.87 pre-market. The surge followed an employment agreement with a new CEO, CFO after the resignation of a key executive.
  • Know Labs, Inc. KNW climbed 35.4% to $1.06 pre-market post securing a substantial funding for clinical research and development.
  • Akanda Corp. AKAN witnessed a 30.1% surge, hitting $0.3273 pre-market as it finalizes a significant asset sale deal.
  • Y-mAbs Therapeutics, Inc. YMAB surged by 23.4% to $20.62 pre-market on the heels of robust fourth-quarter financial results.
  • Dell Technologies Inc. DELL rose by 21.4% to $115.00 pre-market after exceeding fourth-quarter financial expectations and boosting its annual cash dividend.
  • Cardiff Oncology, Inc. CRDF saw a 21.3% surge to $2.14 pre-market attributed to strong fourth-quarter financials and significant clinical developments.
  • Navitas Semiconductor Corporation NVTS climbed 14.3% to $7.02 pre-market following a positive fourth-quarter performance.
  • Nutex Health Inc. NUTX recorded a 13.3% gain, reaching $0.1280 pre-market.

Stocks on the Decline

  • GigCapital5, Inc. GIA saw a steep 64% decline to hit $3.99 pre-market due to developments related to its business combination.
  • Fisker Inc. FSR tumbled 38.4% to $0.4482 after issuing a concerning report on fourth-quarter revenue and its financial status.
  • Sidus Space, Inc. SIDU dropped by 33.7% to $5.95 pre-market post a public offering of Class A common shares.
  • Scilex Holding Company SCLX recorded a 32.2% decrease to $1.54 pre-market following a bought deal offering.
  • New York Community Bancorp, Inc. NYCB declined by 28% to $3.45 pre-market post identifying internal control weaknesses.
  • Gritstone bio, Inc. GRTS fell 26.1% to $2.07 pre-market following a significant workforce reduction announcement.
  • Humacyte, Inc. HUMA dipped 23.5% to $3.33 pre-market post pricing a public offering of common stock.
  • SoundHound AI, Inc. SOUN saw an 18.8% drop to $6.02 pre-market following below-par fourth-quarter results.
  • Cue Health Inc. HLTH decreased by 16.6% to $0.2669 pre-market following a patent announcement.
  • B. Riley Financial, Inc. RILY saw a 14.5% decline to $15.67 pre-market following financial results and strategic review plans.


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