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Why REITs Trump Bonds for Long-Term Investors

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Real estate investment trusts (REITs) have been gaining traction as β€œbond alternatives” due to their relatively high dividend yields, providing an attractive option for passive income seekers.

Unlike bonds with fixed-income investments, REITs are equity investments, offering ownership stakes in businesses similar to stocks. They are required to pay out a significant portion of their cash flows as dividends, with yields ranging from about 2.5% to over 10%.

Key Differences Between REITs and Bonds

REITs and bonds differ fundamentally in their asset types, capital stack priority, yields, income growth potential, and inflation protection. While bonds offer fixed coupons and a promise of face value at maturity, REITs, being ownership stakes in real businesses, provide potential for asset appreciation and rental revenue growth.

Why REITs Offer Greater Upside Potential than Bonds

Despite their higher volatility, REITs offer substantial total return potential in the long run, outperforming bonds due to various factors such as potential reversal of interest rate trends, scarcity of real assets, and favorable supply-demand dynamics in the real estate market.

REITs Provide Inflation Protection through Dividend Growth

REITs have a track record of growing rental revenue, EBITDA, and cash flows, translating into rising dividends. This inflation protection is absent in bonds, as their fixed coupon payments diminish in real value over time.

Bottom Line: REITs Over Bonds for Long-Term Investment

For investors with a long-term horizon, selectively chosen REITs present a more appealing option than bonds, offering greater potential upside and inflation protection through dividend income.


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