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Why VIG Stands Out as the King of Dividend Aristocrat ETFs

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What’s happening with dividend stocks, especially the aristocrats, is a hot topic among members.

Let’s dive into the comparison of Dividend Aristocrats and the S&P over the years.

Dividend Aristocrats: A Timeline of Success

Year Aristocrats Returns Aristocrats Cumulative Returns S&P 500 Total Returns


Time Frame (Years)

Total Returns Explained By Fundamentals/Valuations

1 Day 0.02%
1 month 0.33%
3 month 1.0%
6 months 2.0%
1 5%
2 10%
3 15%
4 28%
5 36%
6 47%
7 58%
8 68%
9 79%
10+ 90%
20+ 91%
30+ 97%

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