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Will Home Depot Stock Rebound After Q3 Earnings? An Insightful Analysis

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Home Depot (NYSE: HD) is gearing up to unveil its fiscal third-quarter results on November 14th amidst market speculations. The company has encountered an 8% dip in its stock value since the start of the year, attributed to declining lumber prices and a shrink in demand for its products. This shift in consumer spending from goods to services has added pressure to certain high-value discretionary categories, impacting Home Depotโ€™s sales forecast for 2023. Despite these challenges, Home Depot remains resilient with over 2300 stores, strategically catering to professional contractors, giving the company a competitive edge over its rivals like Loweโ€™s.

According to our forecast, Home Depotโ€™s stock is currently undervalued at $317 per share, indicating a potential 9% increase from the current market price. These projections are based on the expectation of the company outperforming the market consensus with its Q3 earnings, setting the stage for a potential stock price surge.

1. Revenues Projected to Exceed Market Expectations

With a forecasted Q3 2023 revenue of $36.1 billion, slightly surpassing the consensus estimate, Home Depot is poised to demonstrate resilience in the face of economic challenges. Despite a 2% decline in total comparable-store sales during Q2 2023, attributed to macroeconomic factors like high inflation, the companyโ€™s average ticket witnessed a marginal increase. However, customer transactions and sales per retail square foot experienced a decline, leading to the prediction of a 3% year-over-year decrease in revenues for the full year 2023.

2. Expected Earnings Per Share (EPS) Beat

The analysis anticipates Home Depotโ€™s Q3 2023 EPS to be $3.60, slightly higher than the consensus estimate. Despite a decrease in operating income and net earnings during Q2, the companyโ€™s prudent inventory management and operational efficiency are expected to contribute to a positive EPS performance in Q3.

3. Stock Price Estimate Indicates Potential Growth

Valued at around $15.01 per EPS and a P/E multiple of 21.1x for fiscal 2023, Home Depotโ€™s stock is projected to be undervalued, potentially escalating by 9% from the current market price.

In comparison to its peers, Home Depotโ€™s stock return has seen an 8% decline year-to-date, while the S&P 500 has witnessed a 15% growth. These figures underscore the challenges faced by Home Depot in the current market dynamics and prompt investors to carefully weigh their investment decisions.

As investors await the Q3 earnings report, the fluctuations in Home Depotโ€™s stock value provide an intriguing narrative for both short-term traders and long-term investors. Whether the earnings disclosure will mark a turning point for Home Depotโ€™s stock trajectory or continue the existing trend, the insights gleaned from the Q3 report will undoubtedly influence the investment landscape.

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