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Unpacking Wolfe Research’s Evaluation of Dow (DOW) with Peer Perform Analysis

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Peer Perform Rating: What the Analysts Say

Wolfe Research took the plunge on March 1, 2024, stepping into the fray by initiating coverage of Dow (NYSE:DOW) with the widely debated Peer Perform recommendation.

Seeing the Numbers: Analyst Price Forecast and Revenue Projections

Fast-forward to February 24, 2024, where the team over at Dow swirls with excitement as the average one-year price target is painted at $57.73. Dreamers range from ursine pessimists at $47.47 to the bullish best of $70.35. The prognosis? A heartwarming 3.52% upward tick from the last ticker tape dance at $55.77.

Do you feel the goosebumps rise as projected annual revenue for Dow swells to 53,338MM, a robust 19.53% crescendo? And there, in the wings, beckons the projected annual non-GAAP EPS, strutting confidently at 5.52.

Diving into Dividends: Dow’s $0.70 Per Share Declaration

The sound of cash cascades as Dow declared on February 15, 2024, a routine $0.70 per share dividend ($2.80 annualized). Onward to the land of shareholder delight, where those adorned with the record of February 29, 2024, shall reap the dividends come March 8, 2024. Stocks nestled at $55.77 each sing a sweet serenade with a dividend yield of 5.02%.

Traveling back in time, five years of weekly vignettes whisper of an average dividend yield at 5.44%. Among the troupe: a demure 3.95% low, a staggering high of 12.73%, and a tap-dance of a standard deviation of 1.10 (n=228). Our maiden today performs at 0.38 standard deviations below history’s average.

Deciphering Fund Sentiment: A Story of 2783 Shareholding Entities

The market whispers tales of 2783 funds or institutions, owning a slice of Dow. A 44-owner surge rides high in the last quarter, with the average portfolio weight, wistfully dedicated to DOW, waltzing at 0.33% – a 6.36% pirouette down the fiscal ballroom. Behold, the total shares in institutional pockets with a coy 1.76% dip in the last moon’s three-month waltz, tiptoeing to 464,547K shares.

Dow’s Portfolio Players: A Roll Call of the Investment Nobles

In the grand hall of Massachusetts Financial Services, a tale unfolds of 22,156K shares, claiming 3.15% ownership. With a graceful ordeal, they did curtsy with a 3.18% wane in their Dow holdings. And so the saga dances on…

The Essence of Dow: A Business Symphony

In a world of chemical harmony, Dow orchestrates a global score, blending breadth, scale, and innovation. The crescendo choir aims for resonance; a company with a global heartbeat, weaving materials science into the tapestry of its purposeful ambition. In the pockets of Dow resides silhouettes of plastics, coatings, and more, resonating with the world’s expectations.

Fintel stands as a modern-day sage in the realm of investing, holding the torch for those venturing into the financial cosmos.

Explore realms and uncover truths – this tale first danced upon the stage of Fintel.

The author’s voice weaves through these words, not claiming to mirror the echoes of Nasdaq, Inc.

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