FMC (FMC) – Unveiling Wolfe Research’s Coverage with Peer Perform Rec Magnifying Wolfe Research’s Coverage of FMC (FMC) with Peer Perform Recommendation

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Fintel’s crisply detailed records affirm that under the aegis of Wolfe Research, scrutiny of FMC (NYSE:FMC) commenced on March 1, 2024, adorned with a Peer Perform accolade.

Forecast Highlights a 13.81% Upside

Witness the quantitative vista as of February 24, 2024 – the mean one-year price target for FMC stands at 65.22, oscillating between a nadir of 53.53 and a zenith of $99.75. That median anticipates a 13.81% surge from the recent closing value of 57.31.

Check how FMC performs against peers with projected annual revenue poised at 6,332MM, signifying a 41.13% uptick. The anticipated yearly non-GAAP EPS calls in at 9.38.

FMC’s Financial Gesture: $0.58 Dividend

On December 15, 2023, FMC heralded the disbursement of a quarterly dividend fixed at $0.58 per share ($2.32 annually). Stockholders duly registered by December 29, 2023, partook in this bounty on January 18, 2024. Formerly, the firm dispensed $0.58 per share.

At the existing share price of $57.31 per share, the dividend yield stands at 4.05%.

Reflecting on a quinquennium and examining weekly excerpts, the mean dividend yield dwells at 2.06%, with the lowest plunging to 1.52% and the pinnacle soaring to 4.53%. The standard deviation in yields computes to 0.64 (n=234).

A noteworthy digression – the current dividend yield stands at 3.10 standard deviations beyond the historical mean.

Furthermore, the dividend payout ratio stands at 0.22. This metric unveils the proportion of a firm’s earnings allocated to dividends.

The esteemed 3-Year dividend growth rate tiptoes at 0.21%, a testament to FMC’s incremental magnanimity over time.

Sizing up the Sentiment of Funds

A total of 1303 funds or institutions divulge positions in FMC. Marking a decline of 64 holders or 4.68% during the last quarter. The average portfolio weight of all funds tethered to FMC gauges at 0.18%, plunging by 17.25%. Institutional shares soared by 2.55% in the recent quarter to reach 134,757K shares. FMC / FMC Corporation Put/Call Ratios The put/call ratio echoes a bearish resonance standing at 1.13.

Exploring Shareholder Movements

FMC / FMC Corporation Shares Held by Institutions

Wellington Management Group Llp retains 12,548K shares, embodying a 10.06% stake in the corporation. In its last filing, this entity revealed ownership of 10,882K shares, culminating in a 13.28% advance. Their portfolio allocation in FMC downsized by 88.06% over the bygone quarter.

On a parallel note, Ameriprise Financial clutches 4,572K shares, translating to a 3.66% ownership slice. As per its antecedent declaration, the firm boasted 5,007K shares, unraveling a 9.50% decrement. Ameriprise Financial’s stake in FMC contracted by 21.60% through the last quarter’s maneuvers.

VTSMX – Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Investor Shares embraces 3,888K shares, signifying a 3.12% ownership quotient. Their preceding filing disclosed 3,884K shares, reflecting a marginal 0.11% rise. VTSMX calibrated a 33.30% retreat in their FMC investment across the last quarter.

Shifting focus onto Price T Rowe Associates and their 3,746K shares, equating to a 3.00% share. In their antecedent correspondence, the entity boasted 1,208K shares, navigating through a staggering 67.75% escalation. Their FMC portfolio magnified by 167.67% in the preceding quarter.

Lastly, VFINX – Vanguard 500 Index Fund Investor Shares seizes 2,997K shares, encapsulating a 2.40% stake. Their prior disclosure featured 2,977K shares, culminating in a marginal 0.68% rise. A 33.83% ebb marked VFINX’s FMC holdings in the recent quarter.

Background Briefing on FMC
(This narrative is furnished by the company itself.)

FMC Corporation, a luminary in agricultural sciences, extends cutting-edge solutions to cultivators worldwide through a robust product array propelled by a market-driven R&D pipeline in crop protection, plant health, and professional pest and turf management. The technological arsenal includes eminent insect control agents grounded in Rynaxypyr® and Cyazypyr® backbones; herbicides branded as Authority®, Boral®, Centium®, Command®, and Gamit®; insecticides under the sobriquets Talstar® and Hero®; and flutriafol-infused fungicides. Biological inclusions such as Quartzo® and Presence® bionematicides resonate within the FMC dossier. The FMC fraternity accommodates a global workforce of approximately 6,400 mavens.

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