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The Unstoppable Rise of Fintech Stars The Unstoppable Rise of Fintech Stars

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Fintech Stocks - 3 Fintech Stocks that Will Make Early Investors Exceedingly Wealthy

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Investing in fintech stocks can be a rewarding way to navigate the tumultuous waters of the stock market. These groundbreaking stocks cover a spectrum of sectors, from payment processing to digital banking and lending, promising potential for substantial returns. In a world where digitalization reigns supreme, companies like Visa and Mastercard have paved the way for newfound marvels in the fintech domain. With the global economy swiftly embracing all things digital, a distinct breed of fintech stocks emerges as vanguards of financial evolution.Β 

Now, let’s delve into the crΓ¨me de la crΓ¨me of fintech investments that are poised to catapult investors into wealth and prosperity!

Fiserv (FI): The Hidden Gem

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Fiserv (NYSE:FI) has stealthily maneuvered under the radar for some time now. Yet, they stand tall as a global behemoth in the financial technology realm, poised for unparalleled success over the next decade thanks to their surging profitability and expanding operating margins.Β 

At the heart of Fiserv’s excellence lies its expansive suite of solutions. From banking to digital payment processing and fraud prevention tools, Fiserv offers a holistic approach that entices financial institutions seeking an all-in-one partner. Besides, the company’s strategic acquisitions have fortified its position in the financial technology sphere.

Notably, the acquisition of First Data for a staggering $22 billion in 2019 sent shockwaves through the industry. Recording a historic revenue of $18.04 billion in FY23, Fiserv saw its EPS climb by 16% year over year to $4.98 per share, while its free cash flow surged by 14% to $4.02 billion. With management projecting double-digit revenue and EPS growth come 2024, Fiserv emerges as a prime fintech stock to snag this year.

American Express (AXP): The Shape-Shifter

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American Express (NYSE:AXP), traditionally viewed as a stalwart credit card company, has silently metamorphosed into a fintech juggernaut. Embracing digital revolution, the company is expanding its portfolio beyond credit cards, venturing deep into the realms of digital innovation.Β 

The past year witnessed American Express reveling in record-breaking financial performances for the fiscal year 2023. Their reputation for top-tier service and customer contentment has fueled heightened customer retention and expenditure. Yet, what truly excites investors is the boundless growth potential in their bouquet of digital payment solutions, encompassing mobile wallets, contactless payments, and online payment services.

In FY23, the company witnessed staggering revenue escalation to reach $60.5 billion, with EPS catapulting by 14% year over year to $11.21 per share, underpinned by a robust demand for premium card memberships. American Express is robustly targeting the Millennial and Gen Z cohort, a strategic move expected to fuel growth over the next decade. Moreover, a recent 17% hike in their quarterly dividend to $0.70 per share signals management’s optimism as they steer the ship towards double-digit revenue and EPS growth in 2024.

Payoneer (PAYO): The Rising Star

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