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Dividend Aristocrat Investment Strategies: A Fresh Perspective Dividend Aristocrat Investment Strategies: A Fresh Perspective

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Written by Sam Kovacs

Unveiling the Dividend Aristocrats

One of the curious wonders of Dividend Aristocrats is their adherence to rewarding shareholders with increasing dividends over extensive periods. It’s an easy and reliable way to identify stocks with a commendable track record in providing value to their investors.

However, the nomenclature β€œaristocrats” and its brethren like dividend champions and superheroes may raise an eyebrow or two. It somehow undermines the essence of detachment an investor should maintain from their stock holdings. Stocks are not akin to sports teams – while you can blindly support the Knicks, a rational approach to stocks is viewing them as a means to a financial end, not an end in itself.

It’s crucial to grasp this concept to make β€œBuy Low, Sell High” a plausible reality. But for dividend investors, there’s an extra twist to this age-old adage – β€œBuy Low, Sell High, Get Paid To Wait.” This mantra resonates deep – in a market of stocks, the timing shifts, and some stocks inevitably emerge as bargains while others stand as overly priced contenders.

β€œBuy Low, Sell High, Get Paid To Wait” – this philosophy is ingrained in our ethos. It allows us to curate a collection of high-quality businesses that can potentially enrich investors. When we invest in the best stocks at their nadir, sell them at their zenith, and funnel the proceeds into stocks with greater potential, we pave the way for amplified income and capital gains.

Exemplifying β€œBuy Low, Sell High, Get Paid To Wait”

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