Home Market News Unveiling Beacon Lighting Group’s (ASX:BLX) Soaring Price Target Reaches 2.83

Unveiling Beacon Lighting Group’s (ASX:BLX) Soaring Price Target Reaches 2.83

Unveiling Beacon Lighting Group’s (ASX:BLX) Soaring Price Target Reaches 2.83

A Strengthened Forecast

Recently, the one-year price target for Beacon Lighting Group (ASX:BLX) has soared to 2.83 per share, marking a substantial 18.84% surge from the prior estimate of 2.38 as of January 16, 2024.

Grounded on an array of analysts’ projections, the newest targets fluctuate from a low of 2.34 to a high of 3.38 per share. This average estimate indicates a modest 0.96% escalation from the latest reported closing price of 2.80 per share.

Fund Sentiment Insights

Unveiling a steady picture, there are currently 15 funds or institutions revealing their stakes in Beacon Lighting Group. This figure has remained constant over the previous quarter.

The collective portfolio weight of all funds invested in BLX has seen a notable 11.38% uptick, with the average weight resting at 0.01%. Institutions’ total shares in the company have experienced a 2.35% surge in the last three months, reaching 697,000 shares.

Activity Among Other Shareholders

AU:BLX / Beacon Lighting Group Limited Shares Held by Institutions

Dfa Investment Trust Co – The Asia Pacific Small Company Series has solidified its position with 478,000 shares, constituting 0.21% ownership. This signifies an increase from its previous holding of 467,000 shares, reflecting a commendable 2.30% growth. The firm has magnified its portfolio allocation in BLX by an impressive 9.30% over the past quarter.

DFA INVESTMENT DIMENSIONS GROUP INC – International Vector Equity Portfolio Shares holds 71,000 shares, signifying 0.03% ownership. The firm has bolstered its position from 69,000 shares in its previous filing, showcasing a 2.30% leap. With a 7.24% increase in the portfolio allocation in BLX over the last quarter, the firm’s confidence in the stock is undeniable.

Further reinforcing the bullish sentiment, DFA INVESTMENT DIMENSIONS GROUP INC has seen multiple portfolios upping their stakes in BLX. This includes the International Sustainability Core 1 Portfolio Shares, which now owns 39,000 shares with a 2.30% rise from the prior holding.

An encouraging indicator of investor confidence, DFA INVESTMENT DIMENSIONS GROUP INC – International Small Cap Growth Portfolio Institutional Class now boasts a holding of 27,000 shares, manifesting a 2.29% increase from the previous period. The firm has significantly enhanced its portfolio allocation by 13.90% in BLX over the last quarter.

Emphasizing a broader interest, DFA INVESTMENT DIMENSIONS GROUP INC – World ex U.S. Core Equity Portfolio Institutional Class has also hiked its position in BLX by 9.05% in the last quarter, now holding 20,000 shares representing 0.01% ownership.

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