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Cocoa Futures: Stormy Weather Ahead for Investors As Prices Reach New Heights


Shrinking Supplies Lead to Record Highs

NY and London cocoa have set new all-time highs amidst concerns about diminishing global cocoa reserves. The advent of profit-taking by funds momentarily dampened NY cocoa prices, whereas London cocoa rebounded from the Easter break to catch up to the prior significant upsurge in NY cocoa values.

Challenges in Leading Cocoa Producers

The Ivory Coast, the largest cocoa producer globally, has seen a substantial decline in cocoa production, with government data indicating a 27.8% drop in cocoa shipments to ports from October-March compared to the previous year. Ecom Agroindustrial forecasts a 21.5% reduction in Ivory Coast’s 2023/24 cocoa production, hitting an 8-year low.

Similarly, Ghana’s Cocoa Board expects a meager harvest in 2023/24, halving the initial projection and marking a 22-year low, due to severe weather conditions and disease negatively impacting the cocoa crop.

Global Impact on Cocoa Supplies

Concerns regarding the West African mid-crop are exacerbating the cocoa supply scarcity. Projections for both Ghana and the Ivory Coast mid-crops indicate significant reductions, with Nigeria also revising its estimates downward. Global cocoa grinders are grappling with limited supplies, leading to increases in cash market prices, amid fears of potential defaults by West African suppliers.

Market Dynamics and Future Predictions

The unprecedented cocoa price surge, driven by the most severe supply shortage in four decades, is further supported by a notable decline in cocoa exports from Nigeria. Additionally, cocoa inventories in U.S. ports have dropped to a three-year low, intensifying the bullish sentiment in the market.

The International Cocoa Organization’s projection of a widening global 2023/24 cocoa deficit has added fuel to the fire, with expectations of a significant drop in global cocoa production and grindings. Unfavorable farming conditions and crop diseases in West Africa have significantly impeded cocoa production, projecting a persistent global cocoa deficit into 2023/24.

Market Reactions and Demand

High cocoa prices are beginning to impact global demand, with grindings in North America, Asia, and Europe showing substantial declines in the last quarter. This shift in consumer behavior underscores the economic ripples caused by the soaring cocoa prices.

Are these record-breaking cocoa prices sustainable, or are we headed for a storm? With global cocoa supplies dwindling, investors are left to navigate the turbulent waters of the cocoa futures market. As history teaches us, the sweet aroma of success can quickly turn bitter in the volatile world of commodities trading.