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The Impact of Bird Flu on Corn Demand: A Closer Look at Market Dynamics

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Market Fluctuations: A Rollercoaster Ride

If you had told me after last week’s strong post-USDA performance that corn would have erased all those gains by Wednesday, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Worries over feed demand due to the spread of Bird Flu, concerns about reduced Chinese corn demand, and uncertainties around corn acreage projections by the USDA have heavily influenced this week’s trade.

Bird Flu Concerns: A Tale of Two Livestocks

Contrary to its impact on birds, Bird Flu in cattle does not lead to mass culling. Cows exhibit mild symptoms such as reduced milk production and feed consumption, with a low mortality rate and swift recovery. The virus poses minimal risk to milk as pasteurization neutralizes it, ensuring the safety of milk products.

However, the scenario is starkly different for birds. The recent resurgence of Bird Flu, present for over two decades, has resulted in the culling of millions of chickens and poses a threat as wild birds carry the virus across the country.

Chinese Corn Demand: The Great Conundrum

Chinese corn demand has been tumultuous since Covid restrictions eased, with domestic oversupply leading to multi-year low prices. The government’s consideration of limiting imported corn movements within China has raised speculation, causing importers to reconsider bids and prompting rumors of cancellation of previously purchased corn from Ukraine.

These developments in the Chinese corn market, a pivotal factor in the 2021 corn market highs, set the stage for potential shifts in global corn dynamics.

Future Outlook: A Balancing Act

The uncertainty around USDA acreage projections and the potential increase in corn acres in June present a complex landscape for corn planting decisions. While additional acres may be found, factors such as land development, cropping decisions, and prevailing prices will influence farmers’ choices.

Ultimately, despite the week’s market turbulence, the narrative remains consistent. Bird Flu’s impact, especially in cattle, is not as dire as feared, while Chinese demand and weather patterns continue to dominate corn market discussions.

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