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Revolutionizing Early Cancer Detection: Exact Sciences’ Milestones with the Oncoguard Esophagus Test

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Exact Sciences Corporation, known for its groundbreaking innovations, has unveiled an exciting breakthrough with the Oncoguard Esophagus test, developed in collaboration with the esteemed Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center. This test, aimed at detecting esophageal adenocarcinoma (EAC) and its precursors, including Barrettโ€™s esophagus (BE), has showcased remarkable sensitivity and specificity.

The results of extensive testing and algorithm training for the Oncoguard Esophagus test were recently featured in the Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology journal. This transformative development is poised to not only enhance Exact Sciencesโ€™ Screening test revenues but also to revolutionize early cancer detection.

Deep Dive into the Study

The study involved using an innovative encapsulated sponge collection device to gather esophageal samples from 352 participants in the training phase and 125 participants in the testing phase. These samples were then analyzed for methylated DNA markers (MDMs) in a blinded manner.

The cross-validation of a three-MDM panel exhibited an impressive 82% sensitivity for BE detection at 90% specificity in the training phase and 88% sensitivity at 84% specificity in the testing phase. Noteworthy was the 100% sensitivity for EAC and BE with high-grade dysplasia in both sets, essential subsets for treatment. Study participants found the collection method highly tolerable, indicating its viability for office-based implementation.

Implications of the Oncoguard Esophagus Test

EAC stands as the predominant form of esophageal cancer in the United States. Unlike other cancer types where screening advancements have led to stability or decline in rates, EACโ€™s incidence has surged in recent decades. The majority of EAC cases surface in advanced stages since early-stage EAC typically manifests without noticeable symptoms. Consequently, screening high-risk populations for early cancer detection is of paramount importance.

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With an estimated 30 million high-risk individuals in the U.S. requiring EAC screening, the early detection of esophageal cancer, akin to other cancer forms, marks a significant stride. Exact Sciencesโ€™ Screening test, diligently developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, epitomizes a minimally invasive solution for the prompt identification of EAC and its precursors.

Forecast for the Industry

As per a recent market research report, the esophageal cancer market surged to $12.1 billion in 2022 and is poised to experience an impressive 8.22% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) by 2032.

Landmarks in Screening Technology

In a recent development, Exact Sciences divulged the BLUE-C study outcomes online in The New England Journal of Medicine. Additionally, a peer-reviewed study titled โ€œNext-Generation Multitarget Stool DNA Test for Colorectal Cancer Screeningโ€ was published in the journalโ€™s print edition.

The BLUE-C study, encompassing 20,000 participants across numerous centers, aimed to evaluate the performance of the next-generation Cologuard Plus multitarget stool DNA test for colorectal cancer (CRC). The study contrasted the testโ€™s performance against the commonly used fecal immunochemical test for non-invasive CRC screening. This milestone publication reflects a decade of Exact Sciencesโ€™ profound scientific and medical research, in partnership with Mayo Clinic, setting a new benchmark in cancer screening.

Market Performance Update

Over the past year, Exact Sciencesโ€™ shares have surged by 10.5%, distinctively outperforming the industryโ€™s decline of 7.6%.

Zacks Rank and Standout Selections

Presently holding a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy), Exact Sciences stands out as a top pick in the medical domain. Other top-ranking stocks in the medical sector include DaVita DVA, Stryker SYK, and Cardinal Health CAH, with DaVita sporting a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) and Stryker and Cardinal Health each carrying a Zacks Rank #2.

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Amidst this, DaVitaโ€™s stock has witnessed a remarkable 65.3% surge in the past year, with earnings estimates for the company witnessing an upward revision. Stryker and Cardinal Health also exhibit solid financial performance and substantial growth prospects, underscoring their standing as strong contenders in the medical landscape.

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