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Analysis of RIOT Options Trading Trends: May 10th Outlook

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Investors had the chance to delve into fresh options this week for the May 10th expiration concerning Riot Platforms Inc (Symbol: RIOT). Stock Options Channel utilized its YieldBoost formula to scrutinize the options chain for the latest contracts, pinpointing one put and one call contract that piqued interest.

Put Contracts Unveiled

A put contract at the $10.50 strike price displayed a current bid of $1.02. If investors opt to sell-to-open this put contract, they agree to acquire the stock at $10.50, albeit collecting the premium as wellβ€”effectively setting the cost basis of the shares at $9.48 (before broker commissions). For those keen on acquiring RIOT shares, this maneuver may offer an enticing alternative to the current $10.71/share valuation.

Is the $10.50 strike a value-laden gate or a mirage? Only time holds the answer. As the put contract stands out-of-the-money by 2%, a journey into the realm of β€œworthless expiry” bears a 68% likelihood. Could this be a prudent gamble, or merely a fleeting dalliance?

Call Contracts on the Horizon

On the calls side, the call contract at the $13.00 strike price flaunted a $1.06 bid. By purchasing RIOT shares at the current value of $10.71/share and subsequently selling-to-open the call contract as a β€œcovered call,” investors commit to selling the stock at $13.00. This strategic play, combined with premium collection, could yield a 31.28% return if the stock gets called away at the May 10th expirationβ€”excluding dividends. However, astute investors must ponderβ€”will soaring RIOT shares render this move overly conservative?

The $13.00 strike beckons, holding a 21% premium to the current stock price. Yet, as an out-of-the-money entity by that percentage, the covered call contract could fizzle into oblivion. With a 55% chance of expiry without value, the investor might secure not just shares but also the collected premium, posing a tantalizing scenario.

Volatility Insights

Notching up the excitement, the implied volatility stood tall at 110% for put contracts and 111% for call contracts. Contrastingly, the trailing twelve-month volatility, factoring in the closing values of the past 250 trading days along with the present $10.71 price, settled at 94%. For a deeper dive into potential put and call options contract options, a visit to StockOptionsChannel.com beckons.

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