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The Power Play of GM’s Silverado RST EV Range: Surpassing Cybertruck and Rivals

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Detroit May 6 2014 General Motors Build 0

General Motors GM Chevrolet brand is taking the truck wars by storm. The Silverado RST EV’s estimated range is causing quite a stir, surpassing expectations and putting rivals in the rearview mirror.

What’s the Scoop: In the heavyweight bout of EV truck ranges, the Silverado RST EV is holding its own with an impressive GM-estimated range of 440 miles. This figure towers over the competition, leaving industry giants in the dust.

When pitted against the Tesla Cybertruck’s Cyberbeast with 320 miles, Rivian’s R1T boasting up to 410 miles, and the Ford F-150 Lightning’s Platinum edition clocking in at a mere 300 miles, the Silverado RST EV outshines them all.

Originally priced above $105,000 with a projected range of 400 miles, GM has raised the stakes. As the vehicle gears up for mid-2024 deliveries, the price tag has been slashed to $94,500. While edging out the Cyberbeast in pricing, it remains a notch above the F-150 Lightning Platinum version.

Real-World Endurance Test: The Silverado RST EV faced the ultimate test drive, orchestrated by none other than renowned YouTuber, Zack Nelson, aka JerryRigEverything. Cruising from Las Vegas, Nevada to Phoenix, Arizona, the Silverado pushed the limits, clocking a remarkable 460 miles before taking a pause in a parking lot.

In awe of the truck’s capabilities, Nelson quipped, β€œA truck is a tool, and this truck is a Swiss army knife,” in his video review.

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Delve Deeper:Β A potential nemesis to Tesla emerges from China, eyeing a showdown with the Cybertruck. Yet, the stage seems unripe for a duel at this time.

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