Home Market News Saying Goodbye: Google Drops the Axe on Podcasts – Embrace YouTube Music for Your Audio Needs

Saying Goodbye: Google Drops the Axe on Podcasts – Embrace YouTube Music for Your Audio Needs

Saying Goodbye: Google Drops the Axe on Podcasts – Embrace YouTube Music for Your Audio Needs

Ending the Journey

Without a hint of jest, Google is bidding adieu to another app, Podcasts, on an ordinary Tuesday. Alphabet Inc.’s stock under ticker symbols GOOG and GOOGL announced the closure through a notice on the Podcasts website, nudging users to shift to YouTube Music for their podcast fix.

Background Story: The decision to discontinue the Google Podcasts app was revealed back in September 2023. Despite its popularity, the app is meeting its end, falling in line with Google’s history of axing projects.

Users are advised to make the leap to YouTube Music, which Google boasts as a “superior overall destination” for both consumers and creators. The revamped platform promises community-centric features, enhanced discoverability, and a seamless shift between audio and visual content.

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Google has provided a step-by-step guide to transfer subscriptions from Google Podcasts to YouTube Music. Users have until July 2024 to conclude this migration process, ensuring a smooth transition.

Migration Made Simple

Users can effortlessly shift their Google Podcasts subscriptions to YouTube Music or other podcast platforms. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Open the Google Podcasts app.
  • Touch the “Export subscriptions” button at the top of the app’s main page.
  • You’ll be presented with two choices – exporting to YouTube Music or other applications.
  • Opting for YouTube Music will seamlessly import your subscriptions, allowing you to resume listening to podcasts without interruptions.
  • If you choose other apps, Google Podcasts will export your subscriptions as an “OPML” file, which can then be imported into alternate podcast applications.

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Reason Behind the Move: Google’s decision to sunset Google Podcasts and amplify YouTube Music was unveiled in September 2023.

This strategic pivot by Google epitomizes a consolidation of its audio array under the revered YouTube brand.

Despite its appeal, Google Podcasts joins the ranks of other shelved services by Google.

In a similar vein, in 2018, the company funneled its Play Music service into YouTube, echoing a comparable reception.

Google’s decision to discontinue Google Podcasts comes following the recent announcement to shut down its trial social media platform, Keen.

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