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Unpacking SFLO’s Unique Approach to Small-Cap Investment

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For investors wary of small-cap stocks but seeking impressive growth opportunities, VictoryShares Small Cap Free Cash Flow ETF (SFLO) presents a promising option. Unveiling a savvy strategy of zeroing in on companies showcasing robust free cash flow yields, SFLO emerges as a beacon among its peers.

Unlike its counterparts, SFLO’s discerning lens spotlights companies with high expected free cash flows, offering a lens into their potential. The ETF proficiently navigates the U.S. small-cap scene, emphasizing liquidity to bolster its trading efficiencyβ€”a requisite rarity in small-cap territory.

Comparing Sector Diversification between SFLO and the Small-Cap Value Benchmark

What truly sets SFLO apart from the Russell 2000 Value Index is its sector breakdown. Embracing a unique methodology, SFLO boasts an overweight position in sectors such as consumer discretionary, energy, consumer services, industrials, information technology, and materials.

Notably, SFLO executes a significant underweight in the financials sector, a stark difference from the benchmark. While the value benchmark leans heavily into financials, SFLO remains aloofβ€”a deliberate choice owing to the nuances of evaluating financial companies using free cash flow metrics.

Riding on the coattails of its unconventional strategy, SFLO tracks the Victory U.S. Small Cap Free Cash Flow Index. Since its inception in December 2023, SFLO has impressively raked in assets, crowned by a substantial $43 million in total assets by February 28, witnessing a $14 million surge in merely one monthβ€”testament to its growing investor appeal.

VettaFi LLC assumes the responsibility of serving as the index provider for SFLO, receiving due recognition for its role. The small-cap ETF, while benefiting from VettaFi’s expertise, is independent of the former’s influence in issuance or trade.

For curious minds seeking an in-depth dive, the Free Cash Flow Channel stands as a wellspring of news, insights, and analysis.

Insightful Disclosures and Additional Information: Navigating the Investment Landscape

Prior to investing, diligent consideration regarding a fund’s objectives, risks, and expenses is strongly recommended. A prospectus or summary prospectus containing vital information can be accessed at vcm.com/prospectus. Understanding the nuances is paramount to making informed investment decisions with eyes wide open to potential risks, including the loss of principal.

Investing in SFLO, while promising, doesn’t shy away from risks. As a nascent ETF with a limited history, prudent judgment is advised. The ETF’s performance mirrors the underlying securities, compelling investors to tread cautiously with an awareness that ETFs may trade at premiums or discounts to their net asset value.

Familiarizing oneself with the risks pertaining to small-cap investments and free cash flows is imperative. Fluctuations in market conditions or industry disruptions may test the resilience of high free cash flow companies, underscoring the need for a resilient investment strategy.

While embracing the Victory U.S. Small Cap Free Cash Flow Index and deftly navigating the investment waters, SFLO epitomizes quality and growth. Companies are cherry-picked based on robust free cash flow yields, promising a blend of profitability and prudence.

Distributed by Foreside Fund Services, LLC (Foreside), SFLO stands distinctly affiliated with Victory Capital Management Inc., its investment advisor. A testament to its integrity, SFLO epitomizes a novel approach to small-cap investments, allowing investors to dip their toes into the pool of growth potential with caution.

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