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Unlocking Potential: Insider Buys in Outlook Therapeutics and 2 Other Stocks

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The market is always shrouded in uncertainty, constantly ebbing and flowing like a fickle river. And yet, amidst this tumult, insider trades stand as beacons of stability.

When insiders buy, they’re not just picking up shares; they’re signaling a belief – an unyielding faith – in the future of their company, a future that glimmers like a hidden gem waiting to be unearthed. These transactions offer a glimpse into the minds of those who know the company’s troubles and triumphs intimately.

Sure, insider activity alone isn’t a bulletproof strategy, but it does paint a picture – a vivid tableau – that can guide the wary investor through the murky waters of the market.

CION Investment

  • Insider Move: CION Investment Corporation CION Co-Chairman & Co-CEO Mark Gatto embarked on a journey of faith acquiring a total of 1,150 shares at an average price of $11.02, spending around $12,673 in the process.
  • Current Climate: On March 14, CION Investment saw its quarterly earnings take a dip, a bump in the road that insiders seem intent on surpassing.
  • A Glimpse Inside CION Investment: CION Investment, a closed-end management investment company – like a well-tailored suit, bespoke and unique – faces challenges head-on in the pursuit of growth and value creation.

Outlook Therapeutics

  • Insider Move: Outlook Therapeutics, Inc. OTLK Director Yezan Munther Haddadin took a leap of faith, acquiring 1,881 shares at an average price of $11.82, investing around $22,242 along the way.
  • Current Climate: On March 27, BTIG raised its sails, upgrading the stock from Neutral to Buy and setting a $50 price target, a positive wind to fill the company’s sails.
  • A Glimpse Inside Outlook Therapeutics: A clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, Outlook Therapeutics is like a scientist in pursuit of a life-altering discovery, pushing boundaries in the field of ophthalmic treatments with gusto and determination.

Rocket Companies

  • Insider Move: Rocket Companies, Inc. RKT Director Matthew Rizik set his sights skyward with the acquisition of 301 shares at an average price of $14.57, spending around $4,386 to join the company’s cosmic journey.
  • Current Climate: On March 18, B of A Securities raised its flag, maintaining Rocket Companies with an Underperform rating but lifting the price target, perhaps hinting at brighter days ahead.
  • A Glimpse Inside Rocket Companies: Originating as Rock Financial in the year 1985, Rocket Companies is like a phoenix rising from the ashes, evolving and adapting over the years to solidify its position in the financial realm.


Before setting sail in the market’s vast ocean, consider these insider voyages as guides, illuminating the path less traveled. Their stories – tales of risk, belief, and perseverance – may resonate with your own investment journey.


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