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Unleashing the Bull: Krosaki Harima (TSE:5352) Bulls Raising Price Target to 14,137.20

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Witness the stampede as the price target for Krosaki Harima (TSE:5352) races to a new high of 14,137.20 / share with an exhilarating 8.62% surge. This remarkable rise from the previous estimation of 13,015.20 dated January 16, 2024, sends a strong signal to investors – confidence is soaring!

Market analysts have pooled their insights in this cacophony of bulls, with the latest targets indicating a vast landscape from a low of 12,544.20 to an impressive summit of 16,065.00 / share. The average price target stands at 14,137.20 / share, representing a bullish 2.74% leap from the latest reported closing price of 13,760.00 / share.

The Steady Dividend Journey of Krosaki Harima

Amidst this bullish frenzy, Krosaki Harima maintains a resilient 2.91% dividend yield – a port in the storm for many investors. The company’s dividend payout ratio of 0.27 reveals the balance: maintaining dividends without imperiling corporate health. Like a seasoned traveler, the company’s 3-Year dividend growth rate of 2.08% attests to its steady journey of increasing shareholder returns.

A Symphony of Fund Sentiment

Peering behind the curtain reveals a diverse orchestra of 41 funds or institutions, showcasing their positions in Krosaki Harima. A crescendo of 7 owner(s) join the tune – an impressive 20.59% increase in the last quarter. Meanwhile, the average portfolio weight dedicated to 5352 experiences a modest decrease of 27.77%, yet the total share ownership by institutions has soared by 7.27% to 287K shares in the last three months.

Insights from Other Shareholders

JP:5352 / Krosaki Harima Corporation Shares Held by Institutions

VGTSX – Vanguard Total International Stock Index Fund Investor Shares proudly holds 54K shares, capturing 0.64% ownership of the company in its symphonic embrace with no change in the last quarter.

Enter DISVX – Dfa International Small Cap Value Portfolio – Institutional Class, who skillfully plays with 50K shares, securing 0.60% ownership of the company. Like a wistful tune, the firm reported a decrease of 13.32% in the last filing and dimmed its portfolio allocation by 18.52% over the quarter, painting a shifting allegro in their investment strategy.

The performance continues with VTMGX – Vanguard Developed Markets Index Fund Admiral Shares harmonizing 32K shares akin to a nostalgic melody of 0.38% ownership in the company, experiencing no change in the last quarter.

In this grand ensemble, witness Dfa Investment Trust Co – The Japanese Small Company Series articulating its composition with 30K shares, capturing 0.36% ownership with unchanged vigor in the last quarter.

The grand finale features DFIEX – International Core Equity Portfolio – Institutional Class proudly showcasing 29K shares embodying 0.34% ownership, maintaining a steady rhythm with no changes in the last quarter.

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