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Revolutionary RFS1140 Makes Waves: Mercury Systems Launches Early Access Program

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The Dawn of Innovation

Mercury Systems has unveiled its early access program for the groundbreaking RFS1140 direct RF System-in-Package, poised to redefine electronic warfare, communications, test and measurement, and radar applications. This cutting-edge development is set to usher in a new era of sophistication and efficiency at the edge.

Combining Forces for Superiority

The RFS1140 is a game-changer in the domain of secure, direct digitization of RF signals, bringing high sampling rates and minimal latency to the forefront. By amalgamating AMD’s Versal AI Core series adaptive SoC with Jariet Technologies’ data converters and Micron LPDDR4 NOR flash memory, Mercury Systems has concocted a potent multi-chip module.

Mercury Systems Inc Price and Consensus

Mercury Systems Inc Price and Consensus

Mercury Systems Inc price-consensus-chart | Mercury Systems Inc Quote

Empowering Through Excellence

The RFS1140’s early access program promises an array of benefits, including in-depth product documentation, dedicated support, and priority delivery for evaluation hardware set to be released later this year. This move underlines Mercury Systems’ dedication to equipping partners with the necessary tools to lead in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

AMD’s Versal AI Core series adaptive SoC provides the RFS1140 with a robust platform imbued with AI Engines, enabling swift and efficient execution of formidable algorithms, an essential feature enriching performance and paving the way for advanced applications in diverse fields.

Jariet Electra-MA data converters, operating at a blistering speed of 64 giga samples per second, ensure rapid and precise data acquisition. With an analog bandwidth of up to 36 GHz, these converters facilitate seamless signal processing, catering to the demanding requirements of data-intensive tasks across myriad domains.

The RFS1140 boasts 4 GB each of Micron LPDDR4 and Micron NOR flash memory, offering expansive memory capacity to support complex computational tasks and house critical data.

Although facing competition from industry giants like Lockheed Martin and Elbit Systems, the RFS1140’s distinct features and Mercury Systems’ commitment to innovation put it in a promising position for adoption and success.

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Lockheed Martin, a conglomerate known for its prowess in aerospace, defense, and technology sectors, and Elbit Systems, an Israeli company specializing in military technology, both pose stiff competition in the market landscape.

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